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superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing

superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing

Superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing

Diameter Range
Pressure Range
Temperature Range
-30℃ +100℃
hydraulic oil
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Product Information of superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing
Application Scope
Dms Seals's O-ring Seal is of excellent quality and is widely used in the Manufacturing Industrial Parts Seals industry.Dms Seals could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs.
  • application-superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug seali
Company Advantages
1. For the ingenious design of our bonded seals catalogue, DMS Seal Manufacturer now is getting more and more popularity.
2. bonded seals supplier design ensures high reliability and a long service life of bonded seals catalogue.
3. The texture of bonded seals catalogue is often a major determinant of how well a product is designed.
4. Such structures of bonded seals catalogue are characterized by bonded seals supplier .
5. The sophisticated design of bonded seals catalogue allows for bonded seals supplier .
6. The product is reusable, erasable, and everlasting. It is widely used due to its user-friendly feature. Thus, it is ideal for students, engineers, designers, managers and anyone who requires extra organization and productivity.
7. The product features excellent dimensional stability. It offers excellent accuracy and provides the stability of shape under extreme conditions.
8. This product can last for a long time. Its surface is coated with protective substances to prevent exterior chemical corrosion.
9. Many homeowners or business owners have embraced this product in a bid to save money as well as conserve energy and the environment.
10. The product is resilient, durable, and has good color retention, which enables it to be used for generations to come.
11. The product is perfectly suitable for those who want to make the most of the space. It can be divided into pieces to meet the specific requirements.

1. Applicability

The BS/A bonded seals (automatic core-positioning) are applicable to threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing in Metric System, the Britain System and BSP. The location processing of sealing groove is not specially required, so it is ideal fittings for fast and automatic installation. Its service temperature is -30℃~100℃, working pressure less than 39.2MPa.

2. Figure

superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing-1

2. GM500 Self-centering range metric dimensions

Metric Thread sizeInside DiameterOutside DiameterMetal thicknessMetal washer IDID between self centering


3. GM500 Self-centering range inch dimensions, BSP

BSP thread
Inside DiameterOutside DiameterMetal thicknessMetal washer IDID between self centering

1/8 BSP10,3715,882,0011,848,26
1/4 BSP13,7420,572,0015,2111,18
3/8 BSP17,2823,802,0018,7514,76
1/2 BSP21,5428,582,5023,0118,24
3/4 BSP27,0534,932,5028,5323,83
1 BSP33,8942,803,2036,8829,92
1 1/4 BSP42,9352,383,2045,9338,45
1 1/2 BSP48,4458,603,2051,3944,45
2 BSP60,5873,033,2063,6356,26


Company Features
1. As time goes by, DMS Seal Manufacturer has been more developed in the field of bonded seals catalogue. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has created an overview of the best large scale bonded seals . DMS Seal Manufacturer is a guiding enterprise in the field of bonded seals catalogue.
2. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has excellent R&D capabilities. We now have more overseas customers to cooperate with us. Thanks to the strong sale team who devote themselves to explore and open various marketing channels in different regions and countries. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has a profound understanding and has acquired a mastery of bonded seals catalogue technology. The company is viewed positively by the community and people. We are very active in the local community and establishing positive relationships with local people. This in return boosts its sales and reputation. With the introduction of highly advanced technology, DMS Seal Manufacturer not only improves the technical force, but also satisfies the needs of customers.
3. bonded seals supplier is now a central tenet in Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited's service system. Inquiry! New customers have privileges to place a trial order to test bonded seals catalogue’s quality. Inquiry! Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited render metric bonded seals as its eternal tenet. Inquiry! We provide long period for maintenance for our bonded seals catalogue. Inquiry! One major tenet is too ring seal supplier . Inquiry!

superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing

bonded seals catalogue


superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing-2superior quality bonded seals catalogue design for threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing-3

I bough the diced papaya for my 36 year old Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot who loves dried papaya. This was a hit, she loved it. Thank you so much to the awesome sellers who left a personal note with my purchase and a sample of their pineapple too ( also very good). I will definitely be buying more in the future.
My vet told me that papaya is good for rabbit's digestive tracts so I ordered these as treats and my bun loves them! Also human quality means I can nibble on a few too; they're very tasty. The seller included a sample of their dried pineapple in my shipment and I think I like those even better. I'll be ordering them next!
Great screens, have held up well so far.
good product
This matches the green plaid webbing I bought to make dog collars. It was hard to find this shade. Most thread for sale is either a neon green or a very dark green, but this is a perfect "true green."
works on my machine
Super happy with the quality. Shipping was a little on the slow side.
Great screens. Great price. Been using them for months without any problems.
not bad
I was looking for an alternative to the Oxbow Papaya Fruit Plus Tablets for my bunny, since Oxbow discontinued them and the only ones you can get are from a secondary seller who charges waaaay more. My bunny loves these! It's her favorite part of the morning. The seller also included a sample of the dried pineapple, which was also present in the Fruit Plus Tablets. The seller has a nice local feel, with the personal touches of the note. It feels like I'm buying a quality item. Once my bunny makes her way through this batch, I'll definitely be buying both the dried papaya and pineapple. The combination aids in digestion and it really helps as she is shedding her baby fur. Side note, since it's just dried fruit, it's also for human consumption, and they are pretty tasty.
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Very good company. We buy this Papaya a couple times a year because the bag is so big and we only have one chinchilla but it's a very good brand and we always have had great service from the seller. We will keep using them.
Got these as treats for my rabbits. They go absolutely ballistic when they hear the plastic bag opening and jump up to their feeding area. My dog even likes them! Great product and a must for me to always have on hand.
Always fresh and always shipped on time. Our bunny loves this papaya.
Good thread, good color, only one difficulty was that the thread unraveled off the spool very easily. I had to rewind the thread that came unraveled at least ten times during my work on the small project I used this thread. Small annoyance.
Screens arrived as pictured. Tested the tension and they are somewhere between 17 and 19 nM which is pretty good for this type of screen. Would recommend.
Just what I needed. Works great!!!!
I am reupholstering a mid-century piece of furniture and this thread is really easy to work with.
Can't find hot pink thread in 1500 yard rolls so I bought this and it's what I needed. Made my buddies dog a whole set and it's great looking and not only it's our hottest item at High Risk Civilian Survival Gear.
I like these and so does my dog...although I wonder about the 'low sugar'. I really would prefer something with no added sugar at all and I can't tell if these are just natural sugars or have some added, they do seem pretty sweet to my taste. I try to limit how many the dog eats but use them to supplement the meat based treats and give a bit of variety. and occasionally I snack on them myself. :)
Great, fresh, nice color and smell! We also appreciated the Pineapple samples. All 4 bunnies happily ate their papaya treats, you've made our little group of fuzzies very happy and us too. Many thanks! We will purchase again in the future.
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Very nice quality, easy install
Perfect fit
Great product, as described. Thank you.
Very cool. Made several industrial chic curtain panels with this.
Great thread. Is expensive for the small amount you get. However the color is true and it is super strong. I could not break it. Is recommended for outdoor or marine fabric applications. Worked perfectly to restitched my Cadillac vinyl top bow trim piece.
Very nice quality, lovely color
The screens are great. They've got a little oil on them you'll need to degrease, like all others, but the quality and tension are very good.
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I've been meaning to buy papaya from a new seller that doesn't charge as much, but is still healthy for the chinchillas. This papaya has no added sugar (unlike most papaya on Amazon or elsewhere), and doesn't have added sulfur dioxide as far as I can tell (I compared with another vendor's papaya, which was neon orange, while this papaya is a range of natural colors). The chinchillas love it, and it's in just the right size cubes to prevent me from giving them too much or too little. Will be buying this brand again the next time I run out. Also, if you're just buying papaya for your own consumption, get this stuff instead of the sugary crap. This tastes much better (in my opinion) and is obviously less bad for your health.
I buy these as treats for my rabbits, so I can't comment on their taste. But my rabbits, who get one a day each, seem to love them! That being said, they also think cardboard is delicious.... Will keep buying these as there is no added sugar, and a morsel or two a day (no more) is a great and healthy treat for my bun. Much better than the packaged 'fruit treats' one gets in most pet stores.
I love this company. Very high quality product, excellent customer service.
Love it
They work well, but the adhesive they use has a tendency to stick to the other frames. Very minor issue though. So far they have worked great for me. They are better quality than the Ryonet screens. You won’t find any sharp burs on these screens. They have been sand blasted, before being screened.
These are great screens. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get into screen printing.
Great quality screens!
Thread was true to color and very strong/durable. This type of thread is going to hold up much better than cotton. Also...A MILLION times easier to get through the eye of a needle.
I am incredibly satisfied with this product, very high quality screens. The seller is very helpful and customized my 2-pack order with different mesh sizes and color. They are a bit pricey, but when you receive it you will see why. Study metal frame, properly tensioned high quality mono-filament polyester (or silk) screens. Similar (or the same even) screens on other sites are twice the price of these, so in my opinion this is the place to get them.
Great quality screens! Exactly what my son wanted!! Fast shipping!
Fairly to say, it's good food and I'd probably buy again. Problem is, the bag has a straight cut opening on it and some dices fall out. It indicates either someone cut on it, or the bag itself is in poor quality. - bad feeling, but it should be an accident. Secondly, I kind of doubt in its "low sugar" since it's really sweet and doesnt come with a nutrition fact. I can't even taste tiramisu after that. But I do believe in its "nature". Overall, it's nice taste and good chew feeling (for human). it come with a small Sample bag of pineapple dice (I didn't try yet, but I believe it will be tasty because it's sweet.) so quite good price for snack, and can be used for dessert absolutely. My bunny loves it too. VERY MUCH! But personally I wont give him more than 3 a day because its too sweet. Bunnies love sweet treats but they shouldnt eat too much.
Thank you for these!! I'm very pleased about both "no sulfur" AND low sugar. Never could figure out why rabbits needed sugar in the first place, yet it's very difficult to find any treats without it! LOVE the resealable bag, so convenient. My three girls have become papaya "junkies," so convenience is key. Maybe it's the sugar? Will certainly buy again, and was also very happy with the small sample of the pineapple. That has been a hit as well, so I'll also be buying a full bag soon.
Great quality at a competitive price. My fur baby loves them! I cannot say enough good things about the product and the seller, will continue to buy from them as long as I can.
Arrived before expected by several days. Freshly packaged (per date on on bag). My rabbits love them. Highly recommend
My rabbits loved the papaya I bought from my local House Rabbit Society, but since moving out of state, I've struggled to find good, cost effective treats. This was the answer! They shipped fast, and I got a great sample of pineapple and a kind handwritten note. Will definitely purchase again!
Excellent quality liner - recommended by the pool installer and cost a fraction compared to the exact one in their store!!
Mine arrived without the gasket parts. I was less than happy. However, the liner went in beautifully, and is attractive.
So easy to install with 3 men. I'm still in shock. Looks great. Great quality.
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