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The metal and rubber plug seal for the air bottles from DMS SEALS are simple in design and their sealing performance is more reliable. It is often used to seal high-pressure gas. It has a smaller pressure area and can be used for high temperatures. It can withstand high temperatures and has been tested at high temperatures. The results show that it maintains good performance even under extreme temperature conditions. The sealing plug has a wide range of diameters. It has a pressure range of up to 5 MPa and a temperature range from -30°C to +100°C. And its application medium can be water, oil, gas.

It has a very good sealing surface adhesion and provides better sealing performance. Due to the good sealing of our seals, the cost can be greatly saved and the unnecessary waste can be greatly reduced. In our production process, we put forward higher requirements for the high reliability and airtightness of the seal. At the same time, the metal and rubber materials we use are chemically inert and have good wear resistance.

It can effectively withstand the erosion of fuel and other corrosive liquids and it can maintain its original performance under compression. With our innovative sealing technology applied to the plug seal, we are committed to reducing the seal leakage and the environmental pollution caused by seal leakage, ensuring chemical safety.

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