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Working and usage of Plastic Gaskets

Working and usage of Plastic Gaskets


A mechanical seal made up of some flexible material like rubber, paper or cork that is used to fill the space between mating surfaces, and prevents unwanted liquid or gas leakage from or into two or more objects under compression is commonly called GASKET. Gaskets used to fill irregularities between mating spaces on machine parts and these seals deliberately show resistance towards temperature, pressure, oscillations, electric and electromagnetic forces. Usually, it is designed in a ring form or sheet by cutting sheet materials.


The selection of a perfect gasket is an important part of the manufacturing process. Gaskets are normally manufactured by flat material sheets such as Paper, rubber (nitrile rubber), felt, foams, metal, cork, and silicon. But is there any better option available?

The plastic gasket is the answer!!!

Undoubtedly plastic is a more reliable, durable and affordable material, that is why the plastic gasket is perfect to use due to its versatile implementations and natural resistance to damage environmental conditions. Plastic gaskets have a broad range of applications due to the exhibited properties of the plastic compounds. Its durability with a wide range of temperature tolerance makes plastic a must material for the specific types of gaskets and seals. There is a variety of plastic according to its color, thickness and hardness and also with the presence and absence of PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backing. There are two main types of plastic: Thermosetting polymer (Polyethylene a polymer) and thermoplastic (Nylon), the common plastic gaskets manufacture by plastic material are:

Acetate Gasket: Acetal is highly resistant towards gasoline, hydrocarbons, natural chemicals, and solvents. These gaskets are very strong and offer a bridge between metals and plastics. They are good weight-saving metal replacements.

ABS Gasket: The ABS gaskets provide stability due to its temperature range, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, dimensional firmness, and mechanical soundness.

Nylon Gasket: Nylon gaskets are highly suitable for bearings and gears due to its abrasion resistance and high strength. Nylon gaskets also show adequate electrical properties.Teflon Gasket: these gaskets have excellent dielectric properties with good thermal insulation that make it good for both the medical and food production industries.

Kapton Gasket: these are mostly used in electronics and flexible printed circuits. It is an amazing combination of electrical, chemical, thermal and mechanical properties.PVC Gasket: PVC gaskets are with brilliant chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Mostly use in chemical plants due to maximum resistance against chemicals.

Polycarbonate gaskets: it is the best thermal insulator and with high dielectric strength and low absorption.

High impact polystyrene Gasket: These gaskets are usually used in house wares, food packaging, office products and natural high impact polystyrene for food processing.

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Due to the adaptable nature of plastic; the plastic gaskets can be used in many ways. Plastic can be transformed or shaped into various shapes and sizes and use as a thin shim to place in between the products and to prevent corrosion. 


DMS seals are the name of a trustworthy Chinese company that is ISO 9001 and IATF 16049 certified. We provide a quality seal product for use in industrial as well as other applications. DMS works on scientific principals with technical abilities to provide sealing solutions for every kind of working condition. We have command in manufacturing a variety of products related to industrial use. From rod seals, piston seals, bearing elements, O-rings, oil seals, rubber seals and gaskets we have a range of sealing solutions.

We design customized gaskets to reach the required size and shape specifications. The staff of DMS assures the highly efficient and quality manufacturing methods for each requirement situate on the requirements and tolerances. With our full production capabilities, the DMS seals provide from the short run, prototype to large production run. Our versatile, low-cost gaskets are especially used in:

OIL & GAS INDUSTRY: We provide sealing gaskets for the prevention of machinery that is continuously exposed to oil, water or fuel.PACKAGING: Our gaskets are used in the packaging of heavy machinery and give it a substantial seal during heavy workload.

PETROCHEMICALS: The DMS gaskets are used for the processing of heavy equipment and provide resistance from corrosive fluids.AEROSPACE: Seals that have maximum exposure to water, oil, and corrosive fluid, plastic gasket provide durability.HANDLING OF MATERIAL: These gaskets are used in pieces of machinery or types of equipment for their heavy use.


We are highly equipped with the quality manufacturing system and have a complete range of latest machinery that can be used in any step of seals manufacturing. We have the latest CNC machines, molding machines, vulcanization machines, CNC machines for bigger seals, and pressing machines. Our utmost aim is to provide high quality sealing solutions for all the problems related to leakage and corrosions. We use the latest technology to produce custom gaskets for the required application by:

DIE CUTTING:Die-cutting is the best technique to cut gaskets according to the exact shape and measurement. Its sophisticated software provides high cutting speed with efficient use of plastic sheets to get maximum yield. 

WATER JET CUTTING:It is a way to get repeated efficient production with precise positioning and accurate cutting of plastic sheets.

We assure the production of high quality, best fitted and durable gaskets with the properties having:

OXIDATION RESISTANT:Our gaskets are not only highly stable but efficiently mechanical and assure 100% resistance towards oxidation.

CORROSION RESISTANT:The gaskets manufactured by DMS seals show a marvelous performance in continuous exposure to many kinds of corrosive compounds.

POLAR COMPOUNDS RESISTANT:The BMS gaskets have zero polarity, maximum chemical stability and very low unsaturation that provide it high resistance towards polar substances, strong bases, ketones, Esters, edible oils, animals and detergents.

ANTI AGING ABILITY:Its excellent resistance towards compressions, stress, and relaxations make it highly valuable and long run.

EASY INSTALLATION: With industry-leading creep resistance DMS gasket is easy to install and saves time with maximizing productivity.

AFFORDABLE:It is a fact that affordability and quality are the two main factors to achieve success. The DMS seals care about both of these factors. Our affordable prices with high-quality standards make us stand alone in our industry.

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