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What are the main factors affecting the price of hydraulic seals

What are the main factors affecting the price of hydraulic seals


The prices of hydraulic seals on the market now vary widely, and the quality also varies greatly. Customers do not understand the approximate price of hydraulic seals when purchasing. Let me explain to you what are the main factors that affect the price of hydraulic seals. This allows customers to have an intuitive understanding when purchasing.


1. Is the hydraulic seal a turned part or a molded part?


Because the labor cost and the quality of the manufactured products are much better, turned parts are much more expensive than molded parts. Therefore, when asking about the price of hydraulic seals, you must first ask whether they are turned or molded.

2. Material


The same type of hydraulic seals will have different prices due to different materials. Some working conditions have strict requirements for hydraulic seals, so better materials should be used. While some working conditions have no requirements, ordinary materials can be used, so that the price will be lower.


3. Quantity

As a manufacturer of turned seals, the quantity required by the customer is an important factor in determining the price. If the quantity is large, the price we quote will definitely be very favorable. But if the quantity is small, we will quote a relatively higher price, because the manual efficiency will be slower due to the small quantity. Time spent adjusting the machine will also increase.

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