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Variseal seal and comparison with O and U rings (advantages and disadvantages)

Variseal seal and comparison with O and U rings (advantages and disadvantages)



1. The range of high and low temperature resistance is greatly enhanced, the low temperature can reach -200°C, and the high temperature can reach about 300°C, which is unimaginable for the previous forms of sealing.

2. The coefficient of friction is lower. Although the sealing material of the gray ring and step seal may be the same as that of Variseal, the coefficient of friction is lower, but the coefficient of friction of the same material will be lower, especially when the working pressure is high. , the difference is very significant.

3. Longer service life, if the material is commonly used by Variseal: the storage life of filled PTFE and stainless steel is theoretically unlimited, and the service life is longer than other forms of seals, and it is also unlimited under some working conditions Period, which is very important for some special-purpose cylinders.

4. Resistant to high pressure and ultra-high pressure. Generally, standard designed pan-seal rings can withstand a pressure of 20-30MPa. By changing the design parameters, it is easy to withstand a pressure of more than 100MPa.

5. Under high and low pressure, the leakage is small. Variseal rings can have good sealing performance under high and low pressure, while other forms of sealing are either good in high pressure resistance or low pressure resistance, and it is difficult or even impossible to have good high pressure resistance and low pressure resistance at the same time. achieve.

6. The installation groove is small, and the standard size of the installation groove is the same as that of O-rings of the same level.


1. The installation groove is generally open or semi-open, especially for small-diameter cylinders, which must be open or semi-open, which may increase the cost for the design, manufacture and installation of the cylinder.

2. The manufacturing process of seals is turning forming, the production efficiency is low, and the manufacturing cost is higher than that of ordinary seals, so the purchase cost of seals will be higher.

Typical application conditions:

1. High temperature sealing

Modern industrial cylinders require high-temperature cylinder seals in many places, such as pressure casting cylinders, metallurgical cylinders, kiln cylinders, automotive engine seals, etc., and the maximum temperature reaches about 300°C.

2. Cryogenic sealing

Liquefied nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied carbon dioxide, liquefied oxygen, etc. are sealed, and the lowest temperature can reach -200°C.

3. High pressure sealing

Super-large tonnage presses, high-pressure water cutting machines, air compressors, etc., with a maximum pressure of 400MPa.

4. High-speed sealing

High-speed shaft, the speed can reach 30-40 meters per second. High-speed reciprocating oil cylinder, the telescopic speed can reach 15-20 meters per second.

5. Special working medium seal

High temperature water vapor, sea water, brake fluid, acid and alkali, etc.

6. Low friction

A typical example is a servo cylinder.

7. Long life seal

Wind power variable pitch cylinder, building shock absorption cylinder.

8. Long oil cylinder seal

Typical examples are crane cylinders and stacker cylinders.

9. Hygienic and safe sealing

At present, the sealing of food and medicine contact has basically adopted the Pansythen ring.

10. Quick response cylinder

The installation groove of the seal is small, the structural parts of the oil cylinder can be lighter, and the frictional resistance is small at the same time, which can greatly improve the dynamic performance of the oil cylinder and create a better quick-response oil cylinder.

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