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Tips For Selecting The Correct Rubber Seal Rings

Tips For Selecting The Correct Rubber Seal Rings


In our normal lives, we have to get associated with the seal rings since they are very important when we tackle our daily duties. They are the most needed to solve most of our jobs from their engines, appliances, among others. The main aim of the rubber seal ring manufacturers producing their seal rings is for them to help manufacturing companies be able to prevent any leakage of gasses, oil, air, water, among many other fluids that the company might be dealing with be it industrial or the commercial imaginable situations.

Since they are the most important in most manufacturing companies when dealing with perfect wide variety operation of machines and products, it is always very critical to at least select the right rubber seal ring from the well-known rubber seal ring manufacturers when dealing with designs generally. Here, we will enlighten you with some of the tips that are very important when you are selecting the right rubber ring seal that will prevent any form of leakage. They include:

DMS Seal Manufacturer-Tips For Selecting The Correct Rubber Seal Rings

1. You Must Know Well The Rubber Seal Rings Applications And Their Flange Configurations

Many rubber ring experiences failure when there is uneven pressures that have been exerted on stress relaxation, mating surfaces, torque loss when securing bolts, and when the wrong level of temperature is being addressed. So, before you even think of consulting an expert so that you can select and purchase a rubber seal ring, first of all, be aware of the rubber’s details concerning its future environment. The environment is inclusive of corrosive properties in some contained fluid, temperature levels, and fluid pressure. After you are familiar with this, it is good when you go on to selecting the right shape and material for you.

2. Focus on Selection of The Material

Various rubber seals are made of different materials from their rubber seal ring manufacturers. So, if you are done with identifying the future environment of the rubber seal ring, you need to select the rubber which has been made from good material. As for our case, we have four materials which are used when making the rubber seal with their advantages. 

a) Elastomeric

•  They are very elastic, in-compressible, impermeable and extensive.

•  Their volume can never be reduced even when they are deformed.

•  They are also made of some materials which include neoprene, EP, natural rubber, IIR, and CP

b) Fibrous

•  It is of various types which has excellent and unique properties, and they include; MMMF, Teflon(aka PTFE), Carbon Fiber, Mica, and Glass.

c) Non or Soft-Metallic

•  The rubber seal rings made from this material are compressed easily in a low load bolt.

•  They are used in rings compressor valve, heat exchanger, and flanges.

•  They extremely tolerate to forgiving and abusing.

d) Metallic

•  They are made from various or even one metal and in different sizes and shapes.

•  They are perfect when applying to high pressures and high temperatures.

3. Evaluate Their Ability To Resist Chemicals

Before you select the rubber ring with a specific material, you need to understand each of the material if they resist chemical or not, and at what level. If the fluids are contained in a very corrosive property, it is something you need to put into consideration. As for our case, the Nitrile Rubber NBR, cannot be satisfactory material when you use in fluids that are oxidizing but for the same time, even though they are good oil resistant. As for the PTFE, they are great for the whole 0-14 pH range but it still not the best for the metals made of molten alkali and the elemental fluorine. The factor is somehow complicated, but we can't evade it since it is our consideration to select the ring which perfectly fits in our specific application so that it may satisfy our needs.

4. Consider The Factors Of Construction

On the tip concerning material, we talked of soft metallic and metallic rings. There is one that is easily molded to fit the needs you have, and there is a more strong one that can’t be molded. However, there are semi-metallic rubber seal rings which are the rubber rings more composite, and they consist of both soft metallic and metallic materials. When the two are combined, we then get the metal resilience and strength as well as the non-metallic rubber rings sealing properties. Kamm profile rubber ring is the best example of a semi-metallic rubber ring material. The semi-metallic rubber rings are also made by the rubber seal ring manufacturers despite their complications.

5. You Must Talk To An Engineer Of Gasket Design

The tip about talking to the rubber ring engineer design might be the one that should never be forgotten of all the seven tips. In every step you take, you are supposed to get more understanding from an expert who is the trained engineer. You must never guess anything; rather you should consult to know their reality.

6. Test The Performance Of The Rubber Seal Rings

It is essential to have the rubber seal ring that you have bought be accurately tested. The reason behind this is that you will be able to confirm if the selected ring meets the parameters of your application. You should use some tests which include the creep relaxation test, hot compression test, among other tests which will enlighten you if the selected ring meets the specific factors of your project. Such factors are pressure, temperature, seal-ability, compression, and chemical degradation resistance.

7. Select The Right Manufacturers

If the above tips are well taken care of and you are at a point of buying your rubber ring, then you will not even be stressed concerning this tip of selecting the right rubber seal ring manufacturers. The seal manufacturers that you deal with are not supposed to sell you the rubber ring and eventually disappear. They should follow and confirm if they have matched your area of need with the correct rubber ring you deserve. We have a trained staff that is experienced and willing to help you when making the selection and also provide technical data for you to be guaranteed of making the correct decisions.

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