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The use of sealing ring in life

The use of sealing ring in life


Sealing rings are widely used in daily life, as long as they can be connected with machinery, hydraulic valve sealing rings may be used, ranging from small cigarette holder filters to large aviation spacecraft, etc., all need to use sealing rings.

There are many types of sealing rings, which can be divided into: common silicone rubber sealing rings, fluororubber sealing rings, ethylene propylene rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, neoprene, polyurethane and so on. According to the use, it can be divided into: acid-resistant sealing ring, alkali-resistant sealing ring, high-temperature resistant sealing ring, low-temperature resistant sealing ring, oil-resistant sealing ring and so on.

In daily life, if there is no sealing ring in the machinery industry, it will not be able to start, such as an oil seal. If there is no oil sealing ring, there will be oil leakage, and in severe cases, it will not even work. We often see news of crude oil leakage on the Internet. In fact, this is because the oil seal ring is not done well or the quality of the seal ring is not up to standard.

Sealing rings for different purposes can work in different environments. Such as high and low temperature environment, acid and alkali solution, oil resistance and so on. Sealing rings working in different environments should choose different materials, such as the high temperature resistance of fluororubber.

Sometimes the hardness of the sealing ring is also an important factor affecting its function. Not all sealing rings are soft. For example, the sealing ring of PTFE is quite hard. The mechanical sealing ring should be checked frequently, and it should be replaced in time if abnormalities are found, such as deformation and cracking of the sealing ring, etc. The main factor affecting the service life of the sealing ring is the operating environment.

Temperature is the most important factor for the hardness of the sealing ring of hydraulic valves. In order to keep the rubber sealing ring elastic at low temperature, a certain amount of plasticizer needs to be added to the rubber. Soaked in the operating medium for a long time, the plasticizer will be gradually absorbed by the operating medium, causing the aging of the seal to shorten. Therefore, the seals should be checked frequently. Avoid aging to cause accidents.

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