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The latest product of sealing ring-Introduction to new breaker structure

The latest product of sealing ring-Introduction to new breaker structure


New breaker structure

Technical applications:

This technology is a new breaker structure developed by studying the damage mechanism of breaker seals. It can solve the common problems of current hydraulic breaker that the seals are easily damaged and the piston is easily strained.

Technical points:

1. Add guide rings to the seals at both ends of the cylinder cavity to guide the piston movement and reduce the impact of the piston radial force on the seals.

2. Change the gap seal of the piston to a floating seal. The outer ring surface of the floating seal fits with the inner wall of the cylinder and serves as a seal. The inner ring surface is suspended. The upper and lower surfaces take turns to fit with the two walls of the installation groove during operation and serve as a seal. Function, improve the cylinder sealing effect and increase the cylinder output efficiency.


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Technical advantages:

1. The piston sealing gap is small and there is less leakage. The breaker efficiency is improved, the oil heat is reduced, and the life of the oil and breaker is extended.

2. The machining concentricity requirements of the piston and cylinder can be reduced by 1-2 levels, and the machining cost is reduced.

3. There is no contact between the piston and the cylinder cavity, so there is no risk of cylinder pulling, and the service life of the hammer is greatly extended.

4. The distance between the two guide points increases, the guiding ability is significantly enhanced, and the radial impact of the piston is small.

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