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Super wear-resistant series seals, long-life seals, super wear-resistant seals

Super wear-resistant series seals, long-life seals, super wear-resistant seals


   VS series seal is a brand-new seal product developed by our company. This series of seals has super wear resistance, good follow-up performance and good weather resistance. This series of products can be adjusted by different processes. It is suitable for high-frequency moving parts or areas with long-life sealing. According to the national standard GB/T3960 test method, the friction loss test data of VS series products far exceed domestic similar products. Taking advantage of the excellent wear resistance of VS series seals, the VS011 material products developed by the company have been used in automotive fuel high-pressure injection pumps (0-14MP, >200,000 times/hour), automotive automatic transmissions (long-term high-speed work) and other places .

Application 1

The actual working conditions of the high-pressure fuel pump with direct injection in the cylinder are characterized by high working temperature, high working frequency and fast pressure change. Grinding (the number of operations in the whole life cycle reaches one billion times), good follow-up (high operating frequency, fast pressure change), due to the limitation of performance indicators of seals, most of the global high-pressure fuel pump market share is currently dominated by Dr. and Hitachi. Two brands occupy. The VS011 material seal developed by our company fully meets the working conditions of the high-pressure fuel pump. It has been verified by many customers in Guangzhou and Beijing and has achieved satisfactory results. At present, the high-pressure fuel pump equipped with our company's seals has been sold in the market. .

Application 2

The automatic transmission oil ring is mainly used in the slide valve box, slide solenoid valve and other parts of the automatic transmission of AT, CVT, DSG and other structures. The transmission oil ring (also known as Teflon ring) is a key component of the transmission state transition. The function of the oil ring is to isolate and seal the wave tank oil in different pressure areas to ensure the accurate action of the spool valve. The operating conditions of the automobile transmission oil ring are harsh, the load changes frequently, the working temperature is high, and the pressure is large. Therefore, there are harsh and even contradictory requirements for the performance of the oil ring material, which must be guaranteed by special materials and manufacturing processes. The VS011 material seal developed by our company can well meet the application requirements and has been widely used.

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