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[O-RING] Basic knowledge of O-rings

[O-RING] Basic knowledge of O-rings


Compared with other seals, it has the following characteristics:


1. Good sealing performance and long service life; a single ring can seal in both directions;


2. Good adaptability to oil, temperature and pressure;


3. Small dynamic friction resistance; small size, light weight and low cost;


4. The sealing part has a simple structure and is easy to disassemble and assemble;


5. It can be used for both static sealing and dynamic sealing;


6. The dimensions and grooves have been standardized, making selection and outsourcing easy.


Its disadvantages: when the dynamic seal is started, the friction resistance is large, about 3 to 4 times the dynamic friction force, and it is easy to be squeezed into the gap under high pressure.


The following points should be considered when selecting O-ring materials:


1. The working status of the O-ring refers to whether the O-ring is used for static sealing, dynamic sealing or sliding sealing;


2. The working status of the machine refers to whether the machine is working continuously or intermittently, taking into account the length of each intermittent time and whether there is an impact load acting on the sealing part;


3. The situation of working medium: whether the working medium is gas or liquid, and its physical and chemical properties should be considered;


4. Working pressure, pressure amplitude, fluctuation amplitude and frequency, and the maximum instantaneous pressure, etc.;


5. Working temperature includes instantaneous temperature and alternating hot and cold temperatures;


6. Price and source.


Generally speaking, nitrile rubber is used for oil resistance, chloroprene rubber is used for ozone resistance, acrylate rubber or fluororubber is used for heat resistance, polyurethane rubber is used for high pressure resistance and wear resistance, and copolychlorohydrin rubber is used for cold resistance and oil resistance.

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