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Know About O Rings Like O Ring Manufacturers Do

Know About O Rings Like O Ring Manufacturers Do


O rings are circular or rectangular rubber seals that are mostly used in mechanical applications to block the passage of gases and liquids through joints. Their advent can be traced back in 1865 where the final model was designed and perfected by Neils Christensen who got a good fortune from the government after patenting the idea. The O rings have a broader range of applications that will be discussed later in this article. The O ring manufacturers were very significant during the Second World War because they designed rings that were applied in hydraulic application systems. Such designs were crucial to the success of the war. With the drastic improvements that we are currently experiencing in the realm of technology, more and more sophisticated applications are employing the concept of O rings because of most advantages which will be elaborated later in details.


For an O ring to perform at its best, the following essential factors should be considered:

- The O rings should be fitted on grooves that are rectangular for maximum performance.

- The O rings should always be lubricated in hydraulic systems to protects them from excess friction and abrasion during operation.

- The critical squeezing pressure of the O rings should not be exceeded for maximum performance of the rings.

- The surfaces of the contacts to bind the O rings should always be kept clean and out of dirt particles to minimize friction.

- The clearance between the two metal surfaces should be of the recommended dimensions to protect the O rings from excess pressure.

 DMS Seal Manufacturer-Know About O Rings Like O Ring Manufacturers Do

The following Advantages Make O Rings the Best Designs for Sealing Applications:

1. The rings possess an inherent elastic capability. Elasticity causes them to return to their original shapes and sizes after the forces causing deformation have been removed. This outstanding property makes the O ring manufacturers recommend them as the best choice in sealing applications.

2. The O ring manufacturers make special O rings known as the nitrile O rings which are used in applications that have a lot of lubrication and oil around them.

3. Some O rings are resistant to chemical reactions, and this makes them suitable for applications involving a series of chemical reactions.

4. The O ring manufacturers also integrate the rings with unique thermal characteristics which ensure they perform best under high-temperature conditions.

5. Special materials such as ethylene propylene are used by O ring manufacturers to design O rings that are resistant to hot water, steam and strong bases. These properties make such O rings suitable for most automobile applications.

6. O rings are cheap, and they are easy to install.

Why O Rings Fail During Operation

1. Insufficient contact lubrication. The rings tend to fail faster under this condition because of excess friction and abrasion.

2. Improper installation of the rings. Improper installations would mean that the rings will be subjected to excess pressure which would compromise their mechanical structures.

3. When O rings of incorrect sizes are used, they undergo mechanical stresses, and this interferes with their performances.

4. Another main reason that could make the rings fail is when they are used in environments that react with the elastomers. Incompatible environments are very detrimental to the performance of the O rings.


O rings are usually designed from a wide range of materials depending on their applications. The type of application determines the type of material to be used. Some rings are applied in settings that are subjected to more extreme temperatures and pressures while others are employed in low-pressure scenarios. Examples of materials that can be used to make the O rings are silicone, fluorocarbons, neoprene, nitrile rubber, and polyurethane among other elastomers.


Applications of O Rings

O rings are utilized in a wide range of applications as explained below:

1. O rings are Used in Compressors and Valves

The rings are used in seal assemblies of air compressors and valves. In these applications, the rings fill the imperfections between the contact seals when the parts move along.


2. O Rings are Used in Dental Applications

Patients with teeth problems usually undergo overdenture implants. The overdenture implants usually utilize O rings to enable the person to talk and use the teeth to exert normal pressure on food without feeling any pain during the chewing process. Such O rings are usually replaced after two to around 24 months.


3. O Rings are Applied in Scuba Gears

O rings are used to maintain airtight conditions in the diving apparatus. The sealed condition ensures that water does not penetrate the gears and at the same time air is delivered within the equipment and not to the surrounding ocean water.


4. O Rings are Applied in Paintball Guns

The paintball guns are designed with O rings all over to ensure that the entire assembly remains airtight and that air does not leak from the gun. It is always recommended that the O rings should be replaced regularly as part of the maintenance process.


5. O Rings are Applied in Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems employ O rings to contain gases and liquids within their seals during operation. Consequently, this ensures that such seals do not leak when the hydraulic systems are moving during operation.


6. O Rings are also Applied in Aircrafts

Another typical application of O rings is in the aviation industry. Airplanes and other airborne objects have to remain airtight to maintain the necessary pressure difference between their interiors and their external environments. Therefore, the seals of their window panes are usually composed of O rings. The O rings ensure that no air leakages occur when such systems are airborne because this could result in fatal accidents.


From the above advantages, it is clear that the O ring manufacturers have designed O rings to be applicable in many different places. For this reason, they can be utilized in many places from domestic applications in fridges and boilers to heavy industrial applications in pneumatic and pressure systems to space shuttles in the aviation and exploration industries. Therefore, the importance of O rings cannot be underestimated.

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