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[Hydraulic seals] Installation method of cylinder seal ring

[Hydraulic seals] Installation method of cylinder seal ring



[Hydraulic seals] Installation method of cylinder seal ring

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Now I will introduce to you how to install the cylinder sealing ring so that everyone can understand and install the cylinder sealing ring conveniently..

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1. When installing the O-ring, please do not pull it to the point of permanent deformation, and do not roll it while installing it. You need to lower it gently to avoid twisting and leaking oil.


2.When installing, the opening of the sealing ring should first face the pressure oil chamber. When the pressure ring presses the sealing ring, the support ring can deform the sealing ring and act as a seal.


3. After disassembly, all O-rings and PTFE rings should be replaced with new ones.


4.If the sealing device needs to cooperate with the sliding surface, it should be coated with a certain amount of hydraulic oil.

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5.When the hydraulic cylinder is installed on the main engine, a sealing ring must be added between the inlet and outlet joints and tightened to prevent oil leakage.

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Finally, after assembly, the piston assembly should move without any sense of stagnation or uneven resistance. After the piston and piston rod are assembled, try to measure their coaxiality and straightness over the entire length to see if they are out of tolerance. After being assembled as required, several reciprocating movements should be performed under low pressure to eliminate gas in the cylinder.


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