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【Hydraulic Seals】Development Trend of Oil Cylinder Seals

【Hydraulic Seals】Development Trend of Oil Cylinder Seals


Lightweight, energy saving, intelligent, low failure rate, environment friendly, low cost

1. Work pressure is getting higher and higher

High pressure, lightweight and energy efficient, and reduced material, manufacturing and operating costs

Maximum working pressure change: 5, 6.3MPa->12, 16MPa->22, 25MPa->32, 35MPa->50, 63, 70MPa, oil fracturing 150-200MPa, water cutting 400MPa

2. Fast

Fast, lightweight, low cost

Maximum movement speed change: 0.1m/s->0.3m/s->0.5m/s->1m/s->2m/s->5m/s->15m/s

3. The working medium replaces oil with water

The key is environmental friendliness (no pollution) and energy saving (low viscosity of water, low flow kinetic energy loss)

General working medium changes: water -> emulsion (oil-in-water) -> various hydraulic oils -> water-based emulsion -> water (water-in-oil)

① It has suitable fluidity and low compressibility to improve the efficiency of transmission;

② It can prevent corrosion; 

③ It has good lubricating performance; 

④ It is easy to seal; 

⑤ It has stable performance and long-term work without deterioration.

1, 5 are the biggest advantages of water, 2 can be solved at present, 3, 4 depend on seals and related materials, which is the focus of our solution

4. Small friction force and low friction coefficient

Energy saving, low failure rate, low operating cost, and water can be used as the working medium

Low friction can directly improve the working efficiency of the oil cylinder and hydraulic system, reduce heat generation, and prolong the service life of the sealing system and oil cylinder.

5. High and low temperature resistance

Operating ambient temperatures from -200°C to 300°C are common and vary widely, and high temperature seals can withstand high movement speeds and operating pressures.

6, wear resistance 

7, small permanent deformation

The premise that the seal can work normally is that there must be a certain deformation, but the deformation should not be too large, and it must be able to recover itself when the working pressure is removed.

8. High strength

High strength, anti-extrusion, strong anti-wear ability

9. Slow aging

Slow physical aging and long life

None of the current materials can fully meet the above requirements, but it can be brought close to the goal through clever design of the sealing system and seal structure.

Wear-resistant seals can withstand higher working pressures, move faster, and have greater friction between moving pairs.

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