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Hydraulic cylinder phenolic resin hard guide strip wear ring

Hydraulic cylinder phenolic resin hard guide strip wear ring

Hydraulic cylinder phenolic resin hard guide strip wear ring

Diameter Range
Pressure Range
0-100 MPa
Temperature Range
-60℃ +120℃
hydraulic oil, emulsion and water
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Dms Seals insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture O-ring Seal. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.Compared with same kind of products in the industry, O-ring Seal has the following highlights due to the better technical capability.
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Company Advantages
1. DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal ring manufacturers is elaborately manufactured using the latest advanced technology and production method.
2. DMS Seal Manufacturer bearing element is offered with the help of talented team of craftsmen.
3. The production of DMS Seal Manufacturer rubber seal ring manufacturers follows the normative conditions.
4. The raw materials of DMS Seal Manufacturer bearing element undergoes the strict selection, which is conducted by our workers.
5. Strict quality tests have been conducted to guarantee the quality of the product.
6. It is in high accordance with the quality inspection standards.
7. The product has been carefully checked by both our own QC staff and the authoritative third parties.
8. Every aspect of the product is excellent, including performance, durability, and practicality.
9. The reliability of this product guarantees a consistent performance throughout the lifetime and ultimately ensures the total cost of ownership is as low as possible.
10. DMS Seal Manufacturer is an expert in manufacturing exceptional new bearing element like our rubber seal ring manufacturers.
11. Our bearing element collection is distributed in many countries.
12. Hotel operators choose to trust and rely on Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited's unique integrated one-stop service system.
13. It is highly important for DMS Seal Manufacturer to pay attention to the quality of bearing element .
14. This product far exceeds other products in terms of performance/price ratio.

1. Installation Recommendation 

Hydraulic cylinder phenolic resin hard guide strip wear ring-1

2. Application and properties

Applicable to the guiding of piston and piston rod of hydraulic cylinder and air cylinder, has the function of supporting and guiding. The guide strips with the thickness which equal to or greater than 2mm, double sided embossing could be provided, the embossing structure is conducive to the formation of lubrication micro-pit, improve micro lubrication, at the same time, it is helpful to embed tiny foreign objects and protect the sealing system.

3. Standard materials

Phenolic resin

4. Working Conditions

Working  Conditions

Diameter Range

Pressure Range

Temperature Range



Custom as Required

0-100 MPa

-60℃ +120℃

1 m/s

hydraulic oil, emulsion, and water

Piston:  L=C × ( D - W ) - k [ mm ] D = Piston Dia. [ mm ] W = Thickness [ mm ]

Rod:    L=C × ( d + W ) - k [ mm ] d = Rod Dia. [ mm ]  C = 3.14  k=0.8

5. Standard groove width and standard thickness

Standard groove width

Groove width L2



















The products of various width could be provided.

Standard thickness of product

Thickness W









The products of various thickness could be provided.

Company Features
1. DMS Seal Manufacturer has always topped and will continue topping the bearing element market. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited prevails over other players in the oil seal manufacturer industry by high-quality manufacture. DMS Seal Manufacturer has to date become a focus in the bearing element market. With a wealth of experience, Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has gained a larger market share in bearing element .
2. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited's present bearing element processing and production surpass China's overall criteria. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited has strong product development capacities. The professional R&D strength brings great technical support to Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited. The technical level of bearing element is pretty high. Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited concentrates on technological creation and is a leader in the bearing element field.
3. The DMS Seal Manufacturer brand will further develop high-end products for customers. Call! The aim of Dms Seals Technology Co.,limited is taking the road of international brand. Call! The focus of DMS Seal Manufacturer brand is to keep optimizing its service. Call! The unforgettable development history tells DMS Seal Manufacturer people that only by continuous innovation can companies achieve significant development. Call!

Hydraulic cylinder phenolic resin hard guide strip wear ring

bearing element


Hydraulic cylinder phenolic resin hard guide strip wear ring-2

Keeps food hot for the right amount of time. I needed it to stay hot for 5 hours. I use it for porridge. Right size for what I need it for. As recommended heat the container up before putting something hot inside to retain heat for longer. Easy to wash. Cap is easy to screw n un screw. Have bought the replacement rings just in case I leave some hot food in it for longer than 2 days as that way if the pressure inside is too much I can just replace the seal and not the container.
I have used these for two years now. I ave had other types of containers and tossed them out for this thermos. It keeps their food hot for at least 4-hours. I heat a cup of water in the microwave, pour it in the Thermos and cover it. It heats the Thermos while I prepare a hot lunch for them. So far we have done: baked potatoes, chili, mac-n-cheese (of course), mini corn dogs, scrambled eggs, soups and meat loaf and other various leftovers. All have stayed hot enough for a hot/warm lunch. My kids love them because they refuse to eat school lunches.
We bought this to give my daughter's lunch a little variety - she was tired of sandwiches. Now we pack soups, pasta, and mac & cheese. It keeps her food warm until lunch and fits perfectly into her lunchbox. Love that it came in so many colors - she was able to choose her favorite. Highly recommend.
This thermos was recommended by other Moms. As told to do, boil some water and fill the thermos, let it sit for about 10 minutes then fill it with whatever hot food I'm sending for lunch. Kiddo has lunch at 12:40 and says contents are still hot. Fits nicely in the lunch pack and above all it does NOT leak. I recommend the purchase.
keeps food hot long enough for my child. haven't tried cold foods yet. it's a good size for his lunchbox. yes, take apart the lid and rubber ring and wash well. air dry very well too because water does get stuck in the lid's nook and crannies. it doesnt bother me because that is how the item was made. it works for me.
Excellent product. Does the job and keep the food warm for long periods. My only suggestion for the creators of this product, is to improve the lid. The container has a really good thermo protection but the plastic lid does not have the same efficiency.
This is a great product for lunch boxes, to keep meals warm until lunchtime. Meals don't stay super hot, but are not cold by the time noontime rolls around. Easy to open and close. The lid is a bit hard to clean, so dishwasher is the better alternative.
Update 2/20/19: I mailed it back (at my expense) and they sent me a new one of the same color 2-3 weeks later. No reimbursement for postage or throwing in a second one for my trouble. No acknowledging receipt or that a new one was shipped. For whatever reason the "violet" version seems to have more people complaining about the manufacturing problem. Original: I bought two of these at the same time in October 2018. In January 2019 I discovered through an inadvertent test that one of them lost or never had it's vacuum seal. I filled them both with the same food at the same temperature and 4 hours later one was piping hot and the other was room temp. I then retested with hot water to confirm. Thermos sent me a warranty return form the next day but I need to mail it in for a replacement (the shipping there is at my cost it seems). The five year warranty is nice, but the economics of shipping aren't ideal. (I had a warranty claim on an Oxo product recently and once I emailed pictures, they just mailed me a new one.) In terms of the design, I like the wide mouths and they are perfect kid size. Buy bigger for an adult. It holds about 1.4 cups of whatever. I don't like the rubber seal in the lid - it's hard to remove without a butter knife, seems flimsy and gets dirty every time. The lids are also hard to clean on the inside though the jars themselves are easy. Overall, well-ish.
I bought this thermos specifically for my daughter's school lunches. We have other thermoses that are much too large and bulky to fit in her lunch cooler/bag and she would never eat that large amount of food anyway. This little thermos has been just the right size, it kept her chicken noodle soup hot (it does help to follow the directions of pre-heating the thermos with hot water) and she loves the bright color.
Keeps the food hot for a long time compared to any other products available on the market. My only complaint is, the container can be little wide so that it will be easy for the kids to eat.
Keeps my cereal milk nice and cold
Stainless and easy to clean. We love it
Small for a little one. Used hot or cold it's great for school lunches
Great for school lunch
It is right size for a kindergarten girl. It is very cute and fit into lunch box together with snack and water bottle very well. The lid isn't easy for hand wash. The easy way is just put it on top rack of the dishwasher.
Great just the right size too...
Keep our kid's food hot until lunch at school.
Kids use it every day for lunch! Doesn't leak!
love it...
Love them
As expected
Very satisfied is a little bit
thermos is famous one retainer for hot and cold. Hello kitty is lovely to girl. I buy when low price which is suitable to child.
Food stays warm for long
Love this thermose. Works like a charm. Use it for school lunches.
Is perfect!!! Exactly what the announcement is showing up
I'm pretty disappointed with how cold my food is after a few hours. Even a late lunch is dangerous.
Good I would like to have one of 10 ounce but lower and wider.To be more functional for my 3 year old daughter
I wish I bought two.
Doesn't leak. Very useful.
Very pleased. Good size for school lunch box, easy to open, keeps food warm, easy to clean, cool color.
This cup was very helpful. It expanded on what meals I could send my child to school for lunch. The size on the cup is good for my child but I wish that it could keeps food a bit warmer for a longer period of time.
Wonderful, great, easy to get into it. The kids love it. It is a bit small. This is good for a kids size or medium size lunch, not an adult or a big eater. You'd need 2 to make a good size adult meal.
Works perfectly, color is as vibrant as in pic and sons love them for lunch.
My kids love that their lunch isn't cold when they get lunch time
LOVE IT! My son gets hot lunch from home. Packs macaroni and cheese, pizza, or rice and chicken for lunch. I love it!
Great thermos for my Babys food
My daugther loves this!
It is perfect for my childs lunch
Works very well. I pre-heat with almost boiling water. My daughter often takes soup or macaroni and cheese to school now.
Works great.
My daughter just loves taking soup to school in her Hello Kitty thermos! I always boil water and let it sit in the thermos for 5-10 mins before I put her extra hot soup in it.
Quality product
Great thermos for kids lunches. Keeps things warm so they don’t have to reheat at school
Bought it 2 mo ago and it is working as expected. keeps the food warm for more than 5 hours.
Perfect size for my son and he says his lunch does stay warm.
I'm wary of using too much plastic, especially with my little ones, so I try to replace plastic where I can. This Thermos product is an excellent alternative! We use it mainly for snacks - I've put various fruits/veggies and also nuts/cereals in here. I love the wide opening, it makes it so easy for my little ones to reach in and get a snack. The item is sturdy - it's been dropped more than a few times and is often bouncing around in my diaper bag. I hand wash it & again, because of the wide neck, it's super easy to do. Overall, I love this product but, personally, I wish these would come in more sizes as it is a little bulky.
Love this product. It has opened up a world of lunch possibilities for my elementary-aged girls! No more Lunchables! It works as described and holds the heat until they eat lunch--just fill it with boiling water for 10 minutes prior to putting the hot food in (as stated in the directions). I've been using this product for 2+ years and have been pleased with how it is holding up. Washes fine in the dishwasher.
Muy útil para las frutas estén frescas en el periodo que establece el envase
It's good!
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