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Hydraulic and pneumatic leakage and solution measures

Hydraulic and pneumatic leakage and solution measures


Hydraulic and pneumatic leakage and solution measures



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The leakage of the hydraulic pneumatic system will not only cause waste of resources and environmental pollution, but also reduce the work performance of the equipment. Therefore, the prevention and control of leakage is very important. There are many reasons for hydraulic and pneumatic sealing leaks, mainly four types: material selection, size coordination, sealing ring installation, and sealing ring custody.


1. Check the material selection


The selection of sealing rings should be based on the working conditions of the sealing ring, such as: pressure, temperature, speed, working medium, working environment and other suitable materials and sealing shapes. If you choose improperly, it will cause problems such as: gap bite and material degradation, which will cause seal leakage.


2. Check the size cooperation

The design problem is mainly reflected in the processing size and accuracy of the sealing groove, the surface roughness, and the gap between the coordination. If the design is improper, the sealing ring bites and excessive wear.


3. Check the sealing ring installation


Installation is also very important for ensuring sealing performance. If improper installation, it will also cause seal leaks. Therefore, before installation, pay attention to cleaning and seal grooves and foreign objects such as dust, metal dandruff and other foreign objects; prevent the sealing ring lip inlet damage during installation, and do not excessively stretch the dense sealing circle.


4. Check the sealing ring storage


The sealing ring is very important. If improper storage, it will promote the deterioration of materials and affect the sealing performance. Therefore, it should be noted when storing: avoid preserving at high temperature environment; do not contact oil and water; do not place in direct sunlight or oxygen source; use it as soon as possible after opening; storage method should be placed horizontally to prohibit suspension.

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