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How to install the sealing ring

How to install the sealing ring


1. Check the surface quality of the seal. Before installing the seal ring, you must check the surface of the seal. There should be no burrs or burrs.


2. Check the size and model of the seal ring. The size and precision of the seal must meet the standard requirements. It is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the manual and select the same size and specified model, otherwise the compression and other requirements cannot be guaranteed.


3. Soak the wear-resistant ring, because the wear-resistant ring is mainly made of (PTFE) filled polytetrafluoroethylene material, which has corrosion resistance and a large thermal expansion coefficient, so you must put it in 100 before installation Soak in oil at 100°C for 20 minutes, let the wear ring become soft gradually, and then install the wear ring into the groove of the piston with tooling.


4. Use special tools. When installing the sealing ring, do not use hammers, hammers and other items to knock in, because this may damage the sealing body, so you should use special tools as much as possible. Apply a little lubricating oil on the inside to reduce resistance for easy installation, and also prevent frictional burns of the sealing body during initial operation.


5. Check after installation

After the installation is completed, it needs to be inspected immediately, and there must be no wrinkles, twists, reverse installation, etc. If it is found, it must be taken out and reinstalled immediately, so as to ensure the normal use of the sealing ring in the later stage.

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