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How to improve the vulcanization speed of processing silicone waterproof ring?

by:DMS Seals     2021-04-05

How to improve the vulcanization speed of processing silicone waterproof ring?

For the manufacturing industry, it is said that the efficiency and quality of factory processing are only the profit of the product, and the recognition and support of customers is the reputation of the brand. Therefore, the improvement of production capacity and quality is very important for the processing industry. Silicone waterproof The efficiency and quality of the ring is an example. The same is true for the current custom processing of silicone waterproof ring, so it can improve the efficiency.
Rate and effect are the most critical. When it comes to this, it depends on the processing technology and methods of various industries.

So how to improve the efficiency of the silicone waterproof ring in the processing process to reach the delivery date for customers on time? The silicone waterproof ring is prone to bad problems during the processing and has to be reduced in time.
Improve quality, so there is a complete plan for efficient custom processing of silicone waterproof ring.

Silicone waterproof ring can be added with appropriate release agent when the raw materials are mixed, and the packaged product can be quickly released from the mold, which can save some pick-up time.

The rapid vulcanizing agent is added to the raw material of the silicone waterproof ring to make the product more fluid. The product that originally took 100 seconds can reduce the time by about 30% under the same temperature and pressure.

Adjust the temperature and pressure of the silicone waterproof ring machine. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the machine is relatively stable, so you can gradually increase the temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the product can be fixed.
Reduce unnecessary time, provided that the quality of the product is guaranteed.

Changing the material placement method of the silicone waterproof ring, the way the material is placed during operation will also affect the demolding time of the product. For example, the long-shaped raw material can be appropriately replaced into a sheet, so that it can fill the mold cavity and increase the speed faster .

Change the number of venting times and formation of the silicone waterproof ring vulcanizing machine. The speed of the machine during the venting process is slower when the mold is closed up and down. If the product is not particularly complicated, the secondary exhaust can be reduced and the product can be maintained That's it.

Work hard on the silicone waterproof ring mold, and open a few more discharge slots to keep the product discharged. If the product order is large, the number of holes in the mold can be opened as much as possible to ensure the efficiency of processing.

I hope that the above content can help everyone better understand the silicone waterproof ring. If there is anything you don’t know, you can directly communicate with our customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly and thank you for watching.

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