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GSJ-W Heavy duty special seal Shaft special seal seal

GSJ-W Heavy duty special seal Shaft special seal seal


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1, use and performance

Accommodates one-way heavy duty rod seals. It can be used for larger piston rod clearance and has strong extrusion resistance.

The adaptability of the working medium and the working temperature range can be changed by changing the material of the square ring, so the medium

Wide range of adaptability and operating temperature.

Low friction, simple groove, can also be used in oily medium.

It can be used in special working conditions such as very high speed, very low speed and micro-travel.

The installation groove is small, which is conducive to the design of the cylinder size. The seals are easy to install and generally do not require special work


2, material

Sealing ring: filled with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). According to different working conditions and sealing requirements, different

Filling material and filling process, please inquire for details.

Square rubber ring: nitrile rubber NBR, fluorine rubber FKM. The material of the square ring is based on the temperature and

The working medium is determined. If you are not sure, please contact us. If you need to use fluorine rubber (FKM) square ring, please specify before ordering


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