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[GSJ] Engineering machinery cylinder requirements

[GSJ] Engineering machinery cylinder requirements


1. Lightweight

The transportation department has strict requirements for walking and moving requirements, and the road weight of walking machinery.

In order to reduce the weight of concrete pump trucks, some companies use aluminum alloy to make the cylinder components, and some even use carbon fiber to make the entire arm.

2. Energy saving

The green world trend actually requires efficiency of oil cylinders. Improving the efficiency of oil cylinders directly saves energy.

The efficiency of the oil cylinder is the ratio of the output work of the oil cylinder to the input work. This value is between 0.7-0.98. Different oil cylinders vary greatly, usually between 0.9-0.95. The loss of power mainly comes from three aspects: seal friction loss, internal leakage loss, and oil throttling loss. For cylinders of different designs and working conditions, these three losses are very different. For example, in a domestic The friction loss of a main cylinder of a pump truck from a large company during normal operation can reach nearly 20KW. The intuitive feeling of the efficiency of the oil cylinder is that the actual output force of the oil cylinder is smaller than the theoretical value, and the efficiency measurement is also based on this point.

3. Intelligent

Mechanical automation requirements

Mechanical automation requires sensing the real-time working status of the cylinder and controlling it. Therefore, sensors and action controllers (various valves) need to be installed on the cylinder, which puts forward new requirements for the structure and sealing of the cylinder.

4. Low failure rate and long life

Low cost of use

The failure rate directly determines the use cost of machinery to a large extent. For oil cylinders, the failure rate of the sealing system accounts for about 70%. Therefore, for oil cylinders, the reliability of the sealing system is the decisive factor in the use cost.

5. Environmentally friendly

Little or no pollution

The working medium does not leak or even if it leaks, it has no impact on the environment

Design better sealing systems and seals to reduce leakage; use working media that do not pollute the environment.

It is theoretically impossible that the working medium will never leak, and it is even more impossible in practice. Therefore, using water as the working medium has once again become the direction of people's efforts, because even if water leaks, it will not cause adverse effects on the environment.

6. Low cost

Low cost and relatively cheap price can be purchased and used, which requires cylinder design and manufacturing process

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