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DMS tells you: the composition and application characteristics of pan-serofon

DMS tells you: the composition and application characteristics of pan-serofon


Everyone should have heard of the panseal seal, which is a kind of sealing part with excellent use effect. Today, the editor will share with you some knowledge about Pansyphon. Do you know what are the characteristics of the use of pansyphon? What are the components of a panseal? The following is an introduction to the description of the use characteristics of the universal plug seal and the detailed introduction of its components.

[Composite composition and application characteristics of pan-seal seals]

Panseal (full name: Panseal spring tension energy storage support seal, also known as spring tension seal, spring energy storage seal) is a seal made of polytetrafluoroethylene or other high-performance materials with special springs inside. The force plus the system fluid pressure pushes the sealing lip (surface) out and gently presses the metal surface to be sealed to generate a very good sealing effect. The actuation effect of the spring can overcome the slight eccentricity of the metal mating surface and the wear of the sealing lip, while maintaining the expected sealing performance continuously. It can be used in oil, water, steam, air, solvents, medicines, food, acid and alkali, chemical solutions, etc.

As the main material of pan-seal housing, PTFE has better chemical resistance than perfluoroelastomer, and is a sealing material with good heat resistance. It can be applied to most chemical fluids, solvents, hydraulic oils, and lubricating oils. Its expansion is very small, so it can exert its sealing performance for a long time. Various special springs are used to overcome the elasticity of Teflon or other high-performance rubber plastics Problems, developed to replace the vast majority of seals used in static or dynamic (reciprocating or rotary motion). Description of the use characteristics of the pan-seal ring and detailed introduction of the components Reasonable shell material and support spring plus professional seal design can make the pan-seal seal use temperature range from -200°C to 260°C and pressure from vacuum to ultra-high pressure 200Mpa, the line speed is as high as 15m/s, so it can be applied to various high and low temperature corrosive fluids and other occasions.

Universal seals can be made according to AS568A standard O-ring grooves (such as radial shaft seals, piston seals, axial face seals, etc.), completely replacing general-purpose O-rings, or our company can provide reasonable groove designs. Panseal can maintain good sealing performance for a long time because it does not suffer from swelling. For example, mechanical shaft seals used in high-temperature corrosive environments in petrochemical processes, the common cause of leakage is not only the uneven wear of the sliding ring, but also the cracking damage of the O-ring. After changing to a pan-seal, the rubber softening and swelling can be completely improved. , surface roughness, wear and other problems, thus greatly improving the service life of the mechanical shaft seal. Panseal is suitable for both dynamic and static applications. In addition to the above-mentioned sealing applications in high-temperature corrosive environments, it has low sealing lip friction coefficient, stable sealing contact pressure, high pressure resistance, and allows large radial deflection and groove size errors. Therefore, it is very suitable for the seal of the air hydraulic cylinder, replacing the U-shaped or V-shaped compression to obtain excellent sealing performance and service life.

Product features: The sealing performance is not affected by insufficient lubrication when starting, effectively reducing wear and friction resistance. Through the combination of different sealing materials and springs, different sealing forces can be displayed to meet various application requirements. It is processed by dieless CNC with high dimensional progress, especially suitable for large quantities and various seals. Chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance are far superior to commonly used rubber seals. Dimensions are stable, and there is no problem of sealing performance degradation caused by volume expansion or shrinkage. Compact structure fits in standard O-ring grooves. Because the sealing material is polytetrafluoroethylene or other high-performance materials, it is very clean and will not pollute, and the friction coefficient is extremely low, even in extremely low-speed applications, and there is no stick-slip effect. The starting friction resistance is small, even if the machine stops for a long time or runs intermittently, it can maintain low starting force performance.

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