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DMS tells you: the characteristics of PTFE retaining ring

DMS tells you: the characteristics of PTFE retaining ring


When the PTFE retaining ring is used with low-pressure sealing rings such as O-rings, star-shaped rings and U-shaped rings, etc. It can significantly improve and improve the sealing pressure bearing capacity and service life of this type of sealing ring, and has been widely used in hydraulic sealing systems.

Features of PTFE retaining ring:

1. Wide operating temperature range;

2. Small friction;

3. No water absorption;

4. No aging at 177°C.

5. High working precision;

6. Excellent chemical resistance, can be used in almost all media;

7. No hardening damage;

The PTFE retaining ring is an O-shaped retaining ring made of pure PTFE and its composite materials, used for dynamic sealing p≥10mpa, and a retaining ring is set on the pressure-bearing surface of the O-shaped sealing ring, which is under pressure in one direction One retaining ring is set when both sides are under pressure, and two retaining rings are set when both sides are under pressure.

PTFE retaining ring is suitable for hydraulic O-ring sealing, working pressure 0-70mpa, operating temperature: -40°C-+200°C, applicable medium: hydraulic oil, water, steam.

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