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DMS Seals Technology Co.,Limited business service process introduction

DMS Seals Technology Co.,Limited business service process introduction


DMS Seals Technology Co., Limited is a "high-tech enterprise" and "specialized new enterprise" in Guangdong with 18 years of industry experience, integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, integrating R&D of sealing solutions and manufacturing of seals. Innovative enterprise".The company's business service process is generally divided into two methods: online and offline.

Offline mainly focuses on customer visits and exhibition contacts. The basic process is as follows:

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Online, we mainly use displays on various e-commerce platforms to attract customers to contact us. The basic process is as follows:

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In the past 18 years of intensive business activities, we have accumulated rich experience in customer pre-sales (including participation in sealing projects in the R&D stage of customer equipment), sales, and after-sales services. In the process of communicating with customers, most customers have the following comments about us:


1. Effective quick response mechanism

Our after-sales service team can quickly respond to customer needs. Online customer service must give customers effective answers within 3 minutes, and offline customer feedback must be responded to within 30 minutes. General problems will be solved within 8 hours, and special problems will be solved within 48 hours. Whether it is quotation accounting or research and evaluation of sealing systems during the R&D process, product installation, product failure analysis, support for spare products, product physical property analysis, product logistics and transportation, etc. We are able to give customers satisfactory answers and solutions within the first time.


2. Stable professional technical team

Our after-sales service has a professional team of engineers with a reasonable echelon layout structure. It is composed of a group of experienced and skilled technical backbones of three generations, old, middle and young, who love the sealing industry. They are trained in rigorous sealing material knowledge and application skills. In the seal industry, each of them has been working for more than 10 years on average. They have rich experience in the practical application of various engineering seals and can quickly solve various seal leakage problems encountered by customer equipment.

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3.Strive for perfect service process

Nothing in the world is perfect, and our services must strive to be perfect to help customers maximize their value. Our service process includes: starting from customer product project approval, we can participate in simultaneous discussions on product sealing requirements during customer product research and development, and provide specialized sealing system design solutions after evaluation. We can also assist in raw material procurement, contract signing, drawing review, and change management. , customer data and property management, production equipment management, measurement system management, product production, warehouse storage, comprehensive quality control, product packaging protection and transportation, customer on-site product installation and product failure analysis, product spare parts support, customer urgent order cooperation .

Achieve process-based management and ensure that each link has clear operating procedures and standards, as well as supervision, quantitative assessment and effective risk response plans. To ensure that services are at a "zero" or low error rate level, to ensure process risk controllability, to ensure overall operational efficiency, professionalism and rigor.


4.Long-term after-sales guarantee

We have been operating successfully for 18 years. In the future, we will continue to ride the wind and waves, continue to absorb talents from all over the world, continue to learn and research, continue to reform and innovate, inherit and develop the spirit of Chinese craftsmen, and become a century-old store in China. The beginning of every wonderful cooperation with every valued customer is like an extremely romantic encounter. From that moment on, the win-win relationship between customers and Damenson Sealing Technology will last forever. The professional services of Damenson Sealing Technology will also be with you at all times. Continue to provide customers with the most perfect pre-sales, sales and after-sales experiences, and continue to provide customers with high product value, brand value and supply chain value. Provide lifelong consultation, analysis and solution to after-sales problems.


5.Ongoing customer satisfaction surveys

We will regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys to collect customer feedback in detail to urge continuous improvement of our services, improve customer satisfaction, and increase mutual trust and stickiness.

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