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DMS SEALS "shows its sword" to India and "directly attacks" Bangalore

DMS SEALS "shows its sword" to India and "directly attacks" Bangalore


DMS SEALS "shows its sword" to India and "directly attacks" Bangalore


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DMS SEALS "showed its sword" for the first time at India's 2017 International Engineering Machinery and Technology Exhibition (EXCON). The exhibition is jointly organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Indian Construction Machinery Manufacturers Association (ICEMA) and supported by the Builders Association of India (BAI). The exhibition has been held regularly in Bangalore, India every two years since 2001. It has now become the second largest construction machinery exhibition in Asia and the largest construction machinery exhibition in India and even South Asia.


DMS Seals Technology Co., Limited is a technology-based enterprise specializing in seal production, sealing material development and special working condition sealing solutions. It is also a leader in the domestic turning seal industry. The export volume of the company's engineering machinery series seals (GSJ, SPGW, KZT, SPGO, DPM, GST) has always been far ahead. This time, our sales director Xiaogang Yang led the team to "Show Sword" in India and "directly attack" Bangalore, using our sincerity and strength to conquer the endless stream of visiting merchants.


At this exhibition, our company's newly developed products with material codes "016GY" and "016GN" and other application displays such as construction machinery cylinder system development solutions intuitively show that our company's sealing products keep pace with the times and are always at the forefront. The cutting-edge and leading technology in the market has made visitors from all over the world full of praise after visiting and learning about it, expressing their high recognition of our sealing products. What is even more surprising is that some Indian merchants asked to buy the samples brought by our company. , came to our booth again the next day and negotiated to wait until our company moved out to purchase all our exhibits.


During the exhibition, our company's participating representatives conducted multi-dimensional information exchanges and sharing with visiting companies such as peers, parts manufacturers, and excavator supporting manufacturers from all over the world. Our company’s participating representatives also actively visited fellow Chinese exhibitors to further promote the promotion of our company’s sealing products and increase the visibility and influence of our company’s sealing products.

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