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DMS’ s(Seal Manufacturer) Garden Party

DMS’ s(Seal Manufacturer) Garden Party


    On November 3, 2019, in order to enrich the staff's amateur cultural lifeand create a healthy and positive, united corporate culture atmosphere, DMS organized all employees and family members to gather together to develop a fun garden party. 

    The game project of the Garden Party had"two-person three-legged" that challenged the coordination of the 

body and the tacit understanding of the teammates. The game scene was lively and joyful, bringing a little relaxation to the intense work of the staff. The company's(Seal Manufacturer) leaders also participated, and everyone had a good time together. Once a game project was completed,there was a beautiful gift.

    The smooth development of this activity not only enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, but also enhanced the teamwork ability of employees through the participation of all employees, creating a united and positive working atmosphere.news-DMS’ s(Hydraulic Seals Manufacturer) Garden Party-DMS Seal Manufacturer-img-2news-DMS Seal Manufacturer-imgnews-DMS’ s(Hydraulic Seals Manufacturer) Garden Party-DMS Seal Manufacturer-imgnews-DMS Seal Manufacturer-img-1news-DMS’ s(Hydraulic Seals Manufacturer) Garden Party-DMS Seal Manufacturer-img-1news-DMS Seal Manufacturer-DMS’ s(Hydraulic Seals Manufacturer) Garden Party-img-1news-DMS Seal Manufacturer-img-2

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