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DMS GZT Shaft T-rings One-way ort wo-way rod seals

DMS GZT Shaft T-rings One-way ort wo-way rod seals


1.performance and use

It is suitable for one-way or two-way piston rod sealing, and has good sealing performance at medium and low pressure.


The friction coefficient is small, and it can work with or without lubrication, and can be used for oil-free lubrication cylinder seals. fast response request

Fast servo cylinders are recommended to be preferred.

The adaptability of the working medium and the working temperature range can be changed by changing the material of the O-ring.

It can be used in special working conditions such as very high speed, very low speed and micro-travel.

The mounting groove is small. Seals are easy to install and generally do not require special tools.

Comply with GB/T 15242.1-94 and GB/T 15242.3-94 standards.

Products with different sections can be selected according to the actual working pressure value. In principle, the greater the working pressure, the greater the

Products with larger cross-sections should be used.

2. material

Sealing ring: filled with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). According to different working conditions and sealing requirements, you can choose different

The filling material and filling process of our company, if the requirements for leakage are extremely strict, our special PU material can be used.

Please inquire for details.

O-rings: nitrile rubber NBR, fluorine rubber FKM. The O-ring material is based on the temperature and working conditions of the operating conditions

Media decision, if you are not sure, please inquire. For fluororubber (FKM) O-rings, please specify before ordering.

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