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Comparison of Mechanical Seals and Packing Seals

Comparison of Mechanical Seals and Packing Seals


Advantages of mechanical seal relative to packing seal:


①Reliable sealing During long-term operation, the sealing state is very stable and the leakage is very small. According to rough statistics, the leakage is generally only 1/100 of the soft packing seal;


②Long service life can reach 1-2 years or longer in oil and water medium, and can reach more than half a year in chemical medium;


③Small frictional power consumption The frictional power of the mechanical seal is only 10% to 50% of that of the soft packing seal;


④ The shaft or sleeve is basically free from wear;


⑤The long maintenance cycle can automatically compensate after the end face is worn, and under normal circumstances, no frequent maintenance is required;


⑥ Good vibration resistance, insensitive to the vibration and deflection of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the sealing chamber;


⑦ Wide range of application Mechanical seals can be used for low temperature, high temperature, vacuum, high pressure, different speeds, and various corrosive media and media containing abrasive particles.


The disadvantages of mechanical seals relative to packing seals are:


①Complicated structure, high requirements for manufacturing and processing;


②Installation and replacement are cumbersome, and workers are required to have a certain level of installation skills;


③ It is difficult to deal with accidental accidents;


④ High one-time investment.

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