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Building shock absorption hydraulic damper sealing structure

Building shock absorption hydraulic damper sealing structure


Technical application:

This technology is a new type of sealing structure developed after studying the special working conditions of the damper cylinder, which can solve the common phenomenon that the seals of the damper are easy to leak and not resistant to high temperature.

Technical points:

1. According to the long-life requirements of the building damper, the seal material with good durability and weather resistance is selected: the base material of the seal is made of special polytetrafluoroethylene modified composite material, and the spring is made of special stainless steel material.

2. A special sealing lip is designed according to the high viscosity characteristics of the working medium, and an O-shaped spring is used to strengthen the support of the lip and prevent sealing leakage.

3. To prevent the seal from being eccentric, the structure of double grooves and double springs is adopted.

Technical advantages:

1, Special sealing lip and strong supporting spring structure can scrape off the working medium adhering to the piston rod to prevent seal leakage.

2, Double spring structure, can adapt to the eccentric movement of the piston rod, enhance the anti-eccentric ability of the seal, and prolong the working life.

3, Ideal material selection to ensure low friction and long life of the seal.

Patent No.: 2016110518228 2016212690229

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