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Bonded Seals Overview

Bonded Seals Overview


DMS Seal Manufacturer-Bonded Seals Overview

We can find many bonded seal available in the market. It may differ according to their prices. We can also find many kinds of bonded seals suppliers. Do we think that which brand is suitable and which one will give us long term assurance? It

has a point. Bonded seals suppliers always want to sale a good and best quality products so that customer may satisfy according to its longevity. Customers seeks that kind of products and services. Now we are going to describe about bonded seal. 

What is bonded seal

The bonded seal is a combination of an elastomer scaling lip and a metal washer bonded together during the molding process of the elastomer. The sealing lip is a pre-described amount thicker than the washer. They are primarily designed for the sealing of hydraulic fittings, other pipe joints, or under the head of bolts. As the connection is tightened the elastomer is compressed until metal-to-metal contact is achieved. The connection can then be tightened to the desired torque for secure retention. The metal washer effectively replaces the groove wall around other designs of elastomer seal and provides a controlled compression. Once in place, the elastomer is retained and will function as a pressure energized seal much as the 0-ring and other elastomer seals. This type of washer, therefore, makes an effective and economic seal for applications such as pipe joints. It is necessary to ensure that the washer is of the correct size to seal on plane-parallel surfaces and does not lose contact because of the thread starter. This can be ensured by providing some means of retaining the washer concentric to the bolt or fitting.  For very high pressures a close tolerance recess is necessary to prevent 'panting' of the metal washer which can lead to wear. An alternative is to use a self-centering design. This type of washer ensures concentricity and as it is an interference fit to the thread of the fitting it can be pre-assembled. This is useful for applications where fitting or access is difficult as it avoids the problem of the potential loss of the washer. A further alternative design provides for sealing actually on the thread of a bolt if this is necessary.  Bonded washers of these various designs are widely available to fit the standard thread sizes of bolts and hydraulic fittings. 


The principle of the bonded seal has been extended to produce what are variously called integral seals, sealing plates or composite seals. The elastomer sealing clement is molded integrally to metal, or possibly plastic, retainer in the same way as a bonded seal with the thickness of each controlled to provide the required compression of the elastomer. In these seals, the metal component may be a complex shape to fit directly to a component such as a valve body. engine accessory or pump housing, etc. The metal plate may have to seal around apertures of complex shape or a number of individual seals around multiple fluid ports in for instance a valve block flange seal. With a seal of this type, there is no need to machine individual seal grooves around ports and there is one easily handled seal to fit instead of numerous 0-rings. It can also be considered as a replacement for a relatively fragile gasket of complicated geometry. As they are individually designed and manufactured for a specific application this is only an economic proposition for relatively large volume production. 

The Key Benefits

●Reliable high and depression


●Reliable high and

Non-aggressive protection.

●Wide temperature capability 

●Metal ring prevents over- 

compression and extrusion

●Large vary of elastomer and

metal giant vary of elastomer and metal

●Full traceability through

packing for all things Full traceability through packing for all things.

●All European thread sizes offered

Kinds Of Seals 

There are several kinds of bonded seal available to the suppliers. We are going to give the details below- 

Spring bonded seal: The spring bonded seals, or 'S'-the seal is a derivation of the T-seal which is used particularly in the oil and gas exploration industry. Instead of a pair of separate backup rings, the spring seat has a pair of toroidal wound springs molded into the body of the elastomer at the outer edges of the sealing surface. These spring bonded seal will normally be of corrosion resistant material such as 316 stainless steel or Inconel. This design of seal has two potential advantages over the T-seal. As the backup rings are molded into the elastomer they will not become dislodged during assembly of the components. This is an important factor in large complex assemblies or if access is difficult. The second advantage is that the metal coil spring can provide extrusion resistance at larger gaps than the T-seal design as the backup ring, apart from having inherently higher extrusion resistance, will not dislodge into the gap. This type of seal is very specifically a static seal. We can see, many bonded seal suppliers offer and suggest to sale to their customer as well. The manufacture of this design of seal requires particular attention to the molding process as the integration of the spring into the elastomer is crucial to providing a reliable seal. The seals are still capable of being stretched during assembly so can be assembled in typical 0-ring grooves. They are typically available like T-seals for standard 0-ring grooves and also the single and double backup ring designs. Spring seals are not available for the very smallest 0-ring groove sizes. The amount of interference designed into these seals can be higher than that of 0-rings. This is to ensure sealing contact during extremes of temperature and with relative movement of the sealed components. 

Hygienic bonded seal: Hygienic bonded seal arrangements In industries concerned with processing food, drink, pharmaceuticals and personal care products plus the biotechnology industry the plant must be designed to permit hygienic operation. Pipework may be designed for rapid regular dismantling to permit cleaning or the plant may be designed for cleaning or sterilization in place (CEP) or (SIP). In the latter case, a cleaning or high-temperature sterilization operation will take place without dismantling the plant. In such equipment it is important to avoid crevices where product residues can accumulate and potentially begin to decompose. With UP or SIP it is also important to avoid steps, of more than 0.2 mm, or depressions in the pipe work where the flow of cleaning fluid may not thoroughly wash the surface. These requirements mean that it is not feasible to use conventional groove designs, such as 0-ring grooves, which leave a considerable free space in the groove. A further aspect to be considered is that the seal material must be compatible with both the system product and also the cleaning fluids which may be at a much higher temperature. 

Advantages Of Bonded Seals

Advantages bonded seal like spring bonded seal, hygienic bonded seal and synthetic bonded rubber seals are its ability to operate satisfactorily where run out or eccentricity is present. Cased seals require more space than bonded seals, as they are larger in dimension for a given shaft size. The composition seal is similar in basic design to both cased and bonded seals. The composition seal is constructed with a rigid asbestos heel to which the elastic material is molded. This gives a rigid, hard backing to support the seal and allows tight mounting in the housing. The principal advantages of this type of construction are improved sealing in the bore and the ability to conform to bores that may be somewhat out of round. Insofar as temperature and speed are concerned, the composition seal is satisfactory for the same conditions as bonded and cased seals of similar materials. 

Therefore, it is necessary to say that, if you want to buy the best quality of bonded seal, you may ask seals supplier so that they may identify about your needs in the best bonded seal. We would like to suggest you buy a quality product to protect your home or industry or office, it will bring you extra strength and longevity. So, tell your supplier for your best product.

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