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An introduction to the structure of a low-resistance oil cylinder of DMS seal ring

An introduction to the structure of a low-resistance oil cylinder of DMS seal ring


Technical application:

This structure overcomes the contradiction between the sealing effect and the movement resistance of the general oil cylinder sealing structure, and can achieve a good seal while reducing the movement friction resistance, effectively improving the output efficiency of the oil cylinder, and the seal is easy to install.

Technical points:

1. The main body of the seal is a Teflon slip ring (one end of the slip ring structure is thicker and the other end is thin, and the thin end is the lip), and rubber and other elastic elements are used to provide sealing force and wear supplement.

2. Innovative piston seal installation structure, the two main sealing lips of the piston are installed facing each other, which is convenient for installation.

3. There is only one seal for the piston rod, with low friction and low resistance.

Technical advantages:

1. The friction contact surface of the oil cylinder seal is made of Teflon material, and the friction coefficient is small.

2. The structure of the thin lip is easy to change, and it can fit regardless of the internal pressure, and the internal leakage is extremely small.

3. Teflon material sealing system has good medium adaptability and longer working life.

4. The seal is easy to install and can be installed without any tooling.

5. The system resistance is low, which can solve the defects of ordinary oil cylinders such as crawling, shaking, and abnormal noise.

Patent No.: 201721923909X 2017114635672

Scope of application and solution to pain points: crawling, shaking, low resistance and long-term effect

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