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Your RV Fridge, How it works and How to maintain it.

by:DMS Seals     2019-10-18
My RV Fridge is broken.I recently had to bite my teeth and replace my RV Fridge.Oh, I fixed it as much as I could, but it didn\'t work.It\'s dead, there\'s no resurrection.I have mentioned that due to certain health issues, I have returned to the RV again after a few years of absence, including me and my wife.
When we decided to buy another car to go home, after careful consideration, we decided to buy a second-hand one, the price is cheap, seize our opportunity, there will be problems to be solved in the future.Long story short, we bought a very good 2001 Winnebago Adventurer with two slides.The internal conditions are very good and everything is perfect for us.
But recently, after traveling more than 2000 miles (two lon trips and three short trips) and camping in total for more than 20 days, our fridge started to cause problems for us.But there will be more later.Now, let\'s see how your fridge works.2-Almost all 2-The refrigerator units used in the United States are manufactured by NorCold or Dometic.Because of this, almost all RV manufacturers have designed their RV cabinets to accept either of these two brandsRefrigerator equipment.
Traditional fridge equipment.
The traditional fridge is 2-But if they are not operated on propane then it will not cool when there is no 120VAC power.I know some people who rarely travel in a RV and replace the fridge with a traditional RV and they are very happy with the change.A few people told me it took only a few hours to get the old unit out and replace it with the traditional one.
They had to wear hats.
On the propane production line, do some cabinet work and place different molds around the refrigerator.They look good.You should know that your big car home is now equipped with a traditional refrigerator.But let them follow the standard 2-They usually have a group of 12-VDC battery and inverter unit, 120VAC for traditional refrigerators while away from camp.
How your 2-But before I discuss the fridge issue, let me explain your typical RV 2-How to operate the refrigerator.It\'s called 2-Because it\'s designed to be in propane gas or 120-VAC.These are two sources of heating by the cooling unit.
In fact, there are only three connections to your RV refrigerator.It has a plug of 120.VAC and propane gas lines.And many people don\'t know that, but it also has 12-VDC connection.This 12-The VDC source is important because the control circuit of the refrigerator uses it to manage the cooling process, monitor and set the temperature of the internal refrigerator, which is what the operator expects.
Yes, that\'s right.
I said to heat the cooling unit.
There is no need to do a lot of technical description of the physical properties of gas expansion, nor do you need to use this technology to cool things like refrigerators.If you want, you can obviously study the problem online.Imagine that your cooling device is two metal tubes, one larger in diameter than the other.
Then you connect the two tubes.
to-End into rings and fill them with gas such as Freon.The gas chosen to be used is because it expands sharply when heated and cools when compressed.If you heat a part of a larger tube, the gas in that area will try to expand and move the physics to a lower pressure tube area.
When the gas moves to a smaller tube, it is compressed and it becomes colder when it is compressed.So, if you put the cooling part of the tube in an insulated box like the refrigerator, the air around the tube will cool down.So, there is no further at the moment, just accept the fact that your refrigerator uses heat to inflate the gas in the cooling unit and then force it into a section called \"compression, the gas will cool sharply.
The air-conditioned body is then forced through the coil inside the refrigerator, which in turn cools the air inside the refrigerator.The refrigerator is essentially an insulated box with all the operating parts installed on the back of the device.Also, like any other device, the refrigerator works best in a certain range of external temperatures.
For example, in a desert environment, the temperature becomes so high that it is difficult for your refrigerator to compress the internal cooling unit gas and to keep the inside of the refrigerator cool.There are some designs to help solve this problemIn the repair that helps expand the refrigerator operating environment.First, the back of the refrigerator unit can be accessed through two openings on the side of the RV.
The lower opening is the service channel that gives the user access to the control of the refrigerator and the main replaceable parts.The second opening ceremony will be held in one of two places.It is either an opening similar to the lower part of the RV but is located near the top of the RV.
But some RV\'s exterior walls do not have a second opening, but rather a covered vent is installed on the roof of the RV, right above the refrigerator.Regardless of the location of the second opening, the purpose is to provide the air flow from the bottom to the top for the refrigerator.In fact, you will find that most people have at least one, sometimes two 12-The VDC fan installed between the top and bottom vents forces the air from the bottom to the top with a higher volume than conventional convection.
These fans will greatly improve the cooling capacity of your RV refrigerator at high temperatures.There are several reasons why so many rv have 2-The fridge unit is inside.First of all, using standard 120, you can flexibly keep the low temperature of the foodVAC can be seen everywhere in camps and camps.
Secondly, stay overnight on the road, either in the park, or just at the rest station or in the parking lot, using the propane gas function, your refrigerator can stay cold all the time.This flexibility not only allows campers to expand and enjoy their travel horizons, but also allows them to eat well during their travel.A 2-There are five functional parts of the refrigerator;The control panel, the control circuit board, the cooling unit and the propane gas section, and of course the refrigerator/freezer itself.
The control panel is in front of the refrigerator, providing the necessary buttons for the operator;Turn it on, turn it off, set the temperature, set the automatic gas or electric mode switch or manual mode for each device.The control circuit board is the core of RV 2-way Fridge.It controls and monitors all the functions of the refrigerator and controls the power supply of the cooling unit, whether it is 120VAC heating or propane heating.
It can also feel that the fridge is working properly, and if there is a problem, it has a standardized list of error codes for you to monitor.The propane part is a collection of mechanical parts that together provide propane power Heat for the cooling unit.Certain mechanical parts can be replaced or repaired, for example;Gas orifice plate, hot stack (chimney), Manual gas valve, electric gas valve, etc.
In reality, the whole propane section is very simple and easy to repair by itself.2-cooling deviceThe refrigerator must be a self.Included units designed to fit the configuration of a specific refrigerator manufacturer.
As mentioned earlier, the cooling device takes heat from the gas heater or electric heater and converts it to cooling inside the refrigerator.Refrigerator/freezer.A very important part of the refrigerator is not actually a functional part, but it is a passive part and must be in good condition.It is essentially an insulated box that keeps the cold environment for the food you store inside.
You have to stick to the correct use, because your month-The refrigerator does not provide too much cooling power.Door seals must be flexible and they must be properly sealed when the doors are closed.Even a slight leak can greatly reduce your 2-So make sure the door seal is installed correctly.
Of course, close these doors if you want your food to stay cold.A smaller part of 2-Way fridge, even a fridge 10 or over can be purchased and replaced relatively cheaply, which is problematic.The main parts may be a bit hard to find, but there is a booming industry where the old refrigerator parts supply companies can shop online if necessary.
The most expensive and often bad parts and RV refrigerators are;-This part can be bought for between $30 and $75 if you go around.-This part can be purchased for about $50.-Depending on the brand, this part sells for $175 to $275.
-This part is terrible.
Due to its complexity, it can range from $900 to $1400.Poor cooling is one of the reasons for most RV 2-The way the refrigerator unit is replaced by a new unit.If you go around, you can install a brand new refrigerator for $2000 to $3000, a smaller refrigerator or even a 4-door unit.
-I didn\'t mention you had an ice maker in your fridge, but it was very handy and everyone I know had one.However, one thing to note is that IceMaker is only 120-VAC so it won\'t run when you\'re on the road or you\'re roughcamping.In fact, you should develop a habit of lifting the lever on the ice maker to close it during the trip to avoid the water in the tray spilling over the food in the refrigerator.
And the cost?Well, IceMakers do wear out every 5-Average use of 8 years.So, you need to know that a replacement IceMaker will cost you between $75 and $175.Back in my situation.I tried to fix it when my fridge stopped working.
First of all, I watched a dozen videos on YouTube about the trouble.Shoot the RV Fridge.I then downloaded the appropriate owner\'s manual and schematic on my specific model refrigerator.Once I knew what I was doing, I pulled the panel and started working.
I checked that I have a good propane flame (solid blue and stable) in gas operation mode ).I checked the two circuit board fuses and I replaced them even though they were fine.I make sure all the wires are in good condition and none of them break and there is no loose connector.
I reset and re-Cycle the control panel many times, but the same fault code appears on the display screen;No refrigeration or no refrigeration.Finally, after an afternoon of beer, I accepted my fate and ordered a new refrigerator from the Camping World.I think it\'s just another day in the camper\'s life?.
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