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what to know before you purchase cable locks

by:DMS Seals     2019-10-20
Standard cable locks are used on rail cars and truck trailer doors because they are flexible and easy to install on doors, and then they are easily cut off when loads reach their destination.
Although they are not as secure as Bolt seals, you are trading safe for flexibility.
You must always think that if you can easily cut off the safety seal, it is easy for the tamper to cut off the seal.
When an open trailer reaches the border, its cost cannot be calculated.
Is it worth it?
Use bolt seal on high value goods
TV or cigarettes
It is difficult to tamper with them because they provide security.
Cable locks are more suitable for use with trailer doors and railcars, mainly because the container is driving further and people on the other end will open the container --
Not a truck driver.
Cable locks are easier to cut, so this is a safe seal for truck preferences, as most drivers have to cut the seal when they reach their destination in order to unload the truck.
Nothing is worse for the driver than showing up at the unloading dock, and it turns out that when there is a bolt connection, the company does not have a bolt cutter.
We have heard that border guards believe that carrying a bolt cutter on a truck is against the purpose of a safe seal because if someone breaks in they can simply use the tool to get into the load.
The cable lock has an adjustable loop size, which helps it fit into the holes of various sizes of the trailer door and rail car door.
In particular, the use of railway doors is so much that only cable seals can be used, because the bolt seals in the doors are almost impossible.
When they crossed North America, the railway doors were hit.
The c tpat has approved two sizes of cable locks, which are 3. 5mm (1/8 inch)and 5mm (3/16 inch).
The tensile durability of the cable safety seal must be 10 KN in order to meet the ISO17712 requirements of the high safety seal, which is 3.
5mm cable is usually-
Between 10 and 13.
5mm is 16 thousand cattle to 20 thousand cattle.
Bolt Seal will provide higher safety
In the range of 35 thousand cattle-
This is very high safety, but it is also available at a price due to the fact that the Bolt Seal is difficult to cut.
Cable Lock application: container rail transport for shipping and truck trailer transport the minimum cable diameter for more than ISO 17712 and c tpat shear test is 5mm cable, but the technology has now manufactured 3 cables.
5mm cable locking as the minimum cable sealing diameter accepted for high safety sealing.
The user of the cable lock seal wants the seal to be removed more easily, and the supplier listened to their feedback and 3. 5mm (1/8 inch)
The cable lock was born.
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