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tips for swimming pool pumps maintenance

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-28
Everyone with a pool must know that it is very important to maintain the pool and what tools are available on the market.
Other tools you must have include a pool water pump and a filter.
In addition to putting in time to keep the pool clean, it is equally important to care about the maintenance of these tools.
After designing all these tools for the health of the swimming pool, if these tools are not suitable, the health of the swimming pool is at risk.
You can\'t even imagine how many pumps you have in your pool.
Since it is given such a huge task, it is equally important to maintain it.
If you give it enough care and maintain it properly, the pool pump will last for a long time.
The most important part of It maintenance includes checking the pump at least once a week.
You need to be very careful when you check and take the necessary precautions as you are dealing with the electric equipment.
The bearing of the pump is sealed, so all you need to do is check the valves and seals.
If you see a seal tear, you need to replace or repair it right away.
The pool water pump should not be opened without water.
To know if the pump is working properly, turn it on and pay attention to the pressure gauge reading.
If the reading is around 30 to 35 PSI, it means you need to check that all valves are properly opened.
But naturally, you need to turn off mump before you try to do so.
If you find it difficult to fill your pump with oil, then you need to read the manufacturer\'s manual in order to troubleshoot.
You can clean up the dirt, spider webs and leaves that may be collected around the cooling fan vents with a broom or brush.
Unlike other machines, the swimming pool pump does not need lubrication.
In fact, adding lubrication can capture debris and dirt and even damage the rubber seal.
You just give it to o-
There are rings on the pump cover.
This is absolutely normal if your pump is a bit noisy.
However, if the noise is too loud, then the cause of the normal wear of the bearing is likely to become noisy.
If there is a leak or a whining of the pool pump, the bearing or gasket may have to be replaced or repaired.
Be careful with your pump and make sure it serves you for a long time and the water in the pool is kept fresh and healthy.
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