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by:DMS Seals     2019-10-11
In recent years, ink manufacturers have faced many challenges, from major changes in the market to sharp changes in the price and supply of raw materials.
Even now, the cost of raw materials has stabilized at a higher level, which makes it essential for ink manufacturers to work with the best suppliers.
With the right partners, manufacturers can develop innovative products for the market and improve production efficiency.
With this in mind, Ink World is pleased to introduce its 17-year technical supplement.
Leading rawmaterials and equipment suppliers highlight their technical mission, R & D and quality control capabilities, ISO certification and unique products and services in their technical profiles.
In this ever-changing era, technical profiles can help ink manufacturers determine which suppliers can help them achieve their future goals.
Technical Profile 2015 Air Products 7201 Allentown Hamilton Avenue, PA 18195 800-345-3148 (610-481-6799)www. airproducts.
Com has set up 1940 company descriptions at Air Products and over the years we have been helping our graphic art customers develop solutions for their wet, decentralized and defoaming needs.
We offer a wide range of special additives, including low foaming, non-foaming and defoaming surface agents, and can improve the Defoamer, dispersing agent and improve the adhesion and color strength of the printed dispersion through the low energy substrate of Runze, shorten the drying time and increase the printing speed.
This is a colorful world. the only way we can support the graphic art market is to make it more colorful.
So if you are preparing printing ink for flexo printing, concave printing or letter printing press, or if you are making paint dispersion, Fountain solution, overprint varnish, remember for inkjet printing, we have your route.
Like all of our products, our support means more than just our products.
We have a lot of application knowledge.
How and look forward to providing you with the support you need to keep the pressure running smoothly at all times.
Anti-inflammatory foam is a common problem in the preparation of water-based inks and fountain solutions, because the addition of a surface active agent to reduce the surface tension of the ink or wet substrates and pigments can stabilize the mixing or application process.
Bubbles captured during the printing process reduce the transfer efficiency of the ink and lead to fine holes, leaks or other surface defects in the final ink film.
In addition, the foam can reduce the grinding or grinding efficiency in the production process, reduce the density of the product, thereby increasing the production time and energy cost, resulting in incorrect filling of the production container, and cause problems in the packaging process of finished materials.
Air Products provides a full range of defoamerstries and recipes sold under the trade name Airase [R],Surfynol[R]and EnviroGem[R]
Including organic oil
Mineral oil-Silicone Base
A unique molecular mist remover based on Gemini technology.
Dispersed air products provide a high level for families
Performance surface active products sold under the trade name of Performance aspeise [R]and Carbowet[R]
Suitable for moisture, dispersion and stability of pigments and particles in water systems.
These products are designed to achieve excellent overall performance in a variety of pigments and chemicals.
Is your goal to achieve stable viscosity with problematic pigments and improve color consistency
It\'s easier to find a performance or simply-to-
The dispersion technology of Air Products can meet your needs.
Air Products offer a variety of low surface active substancesto no-
Can reduce the surface tension of ink and promote non-porous andlow-
Energy substrate.
Choosing the right Moistening Agent or surface agent can reduce the surface tension to the best degree and produce excellent bottom fluid moistening and minimal foam.
In many cases, proper selection of surface active substances contributes to foam control.
Air Products have four types of surface active substances: Super surface active substances, Gemini, special surface active substances formulated and traditional stable surface active substances for sale in [last name]R], EnviroGem[R], Carbowet[R]and Dynol[TM].
Our surfactantsoffer gets a wide range of performance from the problem-
Reduction of free surface tension and moistening of defects by substrate
You can add free defoaming of your water-
Based on ink, it is used in various graphic art applications. Air Products (NYSE:APD)
Air, process and special gases are provided;
Performance Materials; equipment; and technology.
For more than 70 years, the company has enabled customers to improve production efficiency, energy efficiency and sustainable development.
More than 20,000 employees in more than 50 countries offer innovative solutions to the energy, environment and design markets.
It includes semiconductor materials, refined hydrogen, coal gasification, natural gas liquefaction, and advanced coatings and adhesives.
In fiscal 2012, Air Products sold close to $10 billion.
For more information, please visit www. airproducts. Com/GraphicArts.
Alex Color Company 17 & Market Streets Ashland, PA 17921 119 North Union Street Shenandoah, PA 17976 Tel :(888)
ALEX color Fax :(570)875-0885 www. alexcolor.
Com establishment: 1977 company description Alex Color company low productioncost, high-
High quality aqueous dispersion for water-
Ink and Paint.
AlexColor has struggled not to become the largest decentralized manufacturer since 1977, with only the best decentralized manufacturers.
Our mission is to help our customers by providing the best value for water dispersion.
Alex Color provides quality products, timely personalized services and excellent value.
Alex Color supplies dispersion to water
The artist supplies manufacturers, as well as producers of landscape coverings and concrete additives.
Our customers range from small to large, and we have a wide range of products that can meet almost any need for water dispersion.
The technology in Alex Color Company\'s unique quality is the Company\'s ability to mass produce custom moisture loose bodies from 500g to 2,500 pounds G using the pigment, resin, surface active substances, etc. selected by customers.
Technical services are available quickly by calling our toll callfreenumber at (888)ALEX COLOR.
Because Alex Color serves a wide range of industries, we have a wide range of technical expertisebased.
Main products: * AL-
Acrylic resin-flexible dispersion system
Basic dispersion for water Flexo Ink.
* C series dispersion: lowcost resin-
Corrugated cardboard, news paper, more
Wall bags or gift packaging applications that require economic dispersion.
* Special dispersion: any of our standard dispersion can meet the unique needs of our customers or develop new dispersion. * Al-
Acrylic dispersion: Acrylic Resin-
Base dispersion of Usain water-based coatings.
* W series dispersion: These dispersion are resin-free, low-
VOCdispersions are designed for ink and coatings that meet the requirements.
* WZ dispersion: Our latest developed dispersion based on surface active substances does not contain VOCs.
BASF the company North America pigment dispersion division headquarters: 11501 Charlotte Steele Creek Road 28273, NC Contact Phone: 1-800-231-
7868 or contact number: 1800-251-0612 Fax: 800-392-
7429, Email: DisperslonsPigmentsCC @ BASF, Germany.
Website: www. basf.
S. /dpsolutions at BASF, we create chemistry--
And has done so in 150.
Our portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas.
As the world\'s leading chemical company, we combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.
Through technology and innovation, we enable customers in almost every industry to meet the current and future needs of society.
Our products and solutions help to save resources, ensure nutrition and improve quality of life.
We have summed up this contribution in the company\'s purpose: we have made history for a sustainable future.
On the development, production and sales of a series of high levels in BASF\'s dispersion system and pigment Department
Quality pigments, resins, additives and polymer dispersion worldwide.
These raw materials are used in formulations for electronic applications such as coatings and paints, printing and packaging products, construction chemicals, adhesives, fiber bonding, plastics, paper, and displays.
With its comprehensive portfolio and broad knowledge of the industry, the dispersion and Pigments division provides customers with innovative and sustainable solutions and helps them advance their formulation.
From integrated manufacturing plants to our global research network, BASF is driving innovation.
Our goal is to design high-performance products that provide solutions to our customers while helping the printing and packaging industry to comply with all the necessary regulations.
One of our priorities is to focus on sustainable solutions. -e. g. low andzero-
APEO-VOC products
Free and formaldehyde
Free material, low energy curing, heavy metal pigments and latex substitutes with minimal environmental impact.
Our cross-cutting experience in technology services
The functional team and our extensive portfolio of resin, pigments, and additives enable us to work with our customers, so the challenges in formula are not faced separately.
We offer local support features for Charlotte, NC and Southfield Michigan sites.
We are committed to helping you more successfully deliver innovative solutions to the digital market.
With our technical experience and extensive portfolio, we can meet your printing needs.
High-performance pigment quinidine * Heliogen [R]
Blue and green pigment * Irgazin [R]
High performance pigment * Irgacure [R]
Photo initiator * Paliotol [R]
High performance organic yellow pigment flexible packaging we offer a wide range of high quality, high performance dispersion, resin, pigment and formula additive combinations for a wide range of flexible packaging inks.
Main products * Joncryl [R]
FLX 5000 series for water-
Based on flexible filmpackaging * Heliogen [R]
Phthalocyanine green pigment * Versamid 【R]
Polyamide resin * Versamid [R]
PUR polyurethane resin * Melite [R]
Copper oxide pigment with liquid metal appearance * Metasheen [R]
Vacuum metal effect pigment functional packaging we offer high performance polymer for your functional packaging application--
For example, hot sealing and blocking coating and metal primer--
Meet your outstanding performance requirements.
We provide high-quality materials and technical support to help you achieve your best developmentin-
Provide first-class products to your customers.
[Joncryl\'s productsR]
DFC 3000 Series * Joncryl for food packaging applications [R]
HSL series paper and cardboard packaging we advance your formula through our portfolio of resin, pigments and additives for a wide range of cardboard and corrugated board printing applications.
With our technical expertise, you can expect superior performance and a high level of quality.
Main products * Joncryl [R]
Eco-resin, resin solution and RC emulsion for low odor, low VOC ethylene glycol ether-
Free recipe * Joncryl [R]
HPD resin and resin solution for high performance dispersion * Joncryl [R]
LMV resin solitary wave and emulsion for pH-
Stable liquid inkR]
Copper oxide pigment with liquid metal appearance * Metasheen [R]
Vacuum metal effect pigment Brilliant Group Co. , Ltd.
750 National Court, Suite 100 Richmond, CA 94804 Tel: 415-771-4757 Fax: 415-789-
4150 info @ fluorescent color. com www.
Fluorescent color.
Com company Portrait Brilliant was created by individuals with extensive experience and knowledge in the fluorescent color business.
Our goal is to provide \"the best\" fluorescent technology, providing off-the-shelf local inventory and technical support while delivering exceptional value.
We apply our extensive technical experience and market knowledge to the development of products that meet the growing demand.
Changes in customer needs.
We then apply the latest industry standards to our quality control approach so that our customers get what they expect every time.
Our company headquarters and US manufacturing base are located in the San Francisco Bay area of northern California.
It is here that we produce all kinds of products, carry out all our laboratory tests, carry out product development and keep stock for the US market.
Our network of global distribution partners further supports us in order to be able to provide local services in many markets around the world.
Our advantage is that we have a wide knowledge depth and breadth in the research, development, manufacturing and quality control of fluorescent pigments.
Our mission is to apply this knowledge and providequality, cost-
Effective products to market.
Relying on our expertise, our customers can rest assured that they will get quality products every time they order.
Our team consists of technical experts, each with more than 20 years of experience in the field of fluorescent pigments.
Our capabilities include the development of fluorescent pigments for a wide range of printing inks: flexo, concave and screen inks;
Pigments for water and solvents
Paint, and plastic paint.
With the application of fluorescent color, we are likely to be familiar with this technology.
Once the product is commercialized, we will strive to ensure that it meets the needs of our customers on an ongoing basis.
We do this by using standard industrial testing methods in our US laboratories for strict quality control testing systems.
In this way, our customers know that byour fluorescent professionals have tested each batch of products in a specific application manner.
Brilliant Group provides a world
High-class range
Provide quality solar fluorescent pigments, pigments, dispersion and paint and ink concentrates to the global market.
Coupled with our focus on customer satisfaction, we provide a comprehensive solution for your fluorescent color needs.
Main products: * BGP: Non-brilliant general series
Polar solvents, such as concave printing, manufacturing-and-use water-
Based on coatings and some plastic applications * BSR: excellent solvent-resistant series for more polar solvents such as C & T type dents and screen inks * BMS: brilliant spherical series, for water flexo edition, solvent concave edition and plasma screen ink * BWD: brilliant water dispersion dust-
Free use * BVC: bright type vinyl dye, liquid, for plastic solution application * BSTS: bright type soluble toner for solvent * BIBX: brilliant Ink base for regular flat edition ink * BIB2 extra strength: excellent ink base for UV system (including ternary ethylene-propylene rubber roller * BNF): excellent non-
Formaldehyde series for systems that do not tolerate formaldehyde * BFE: bright fluorescent emulsion, water-
Basic system of textile and flexo printing ink general printing color Co. , Ltd.
120 Fairbanks Street
US Tel: (IL 60101)630)543-7878; (800)252-GPCL Fax: (630)543-
4657 Internet: www.
Com establishment: November 1976 Sales Contact: Andrew Grabacki Technical Contact: Greg Grabacki company description General Press Colors is the leader in custom production of various Colors and vehicles.
We are a family.
Dynamic company with astateof-the-
Art 65,000 square feet manufacturing and research center near Chicago.
Ink manufacturers all over the world rely on our products.
Their loyalty has always been a sign of our company.
Since 1976, the General News color of technical tasks has been the benchmark for industry quality.
In order to support our customers, we are constantly pursuing better processes, better products and better results.
That\'s why we are proud of our company\'s slogan: \"responding to the needs of the modern and ever-changing printing industry.
Unique Product * New \"green line\" for rush \"--
GPCL\'s new eco-friendly \"green\" liquid-Flushing Range is a very compatible 100%-seed vehicle with no other additives.
This high quality flush collection features quick setup, highlights, low to no voc, easy to recycle and degrade.
Generally designed for most substrates.
Solve most of your environmental, recipe, and stress problems with a friendly flush. * LumaCure--
LumaCure, a Revolutionary UV rinse for GPCL, has all the features ink manufacturers are looking for in high quality UV rinse, including curing to improve the friction resistance of the ink;
Fast curing and low spray to enable the printing machine to run at a faster speed and shorten the turnaround time;
The gloss is higher, so your ink formula looks better.
LumaCure is specially formulated for processing on a variety of substrates.
Ink makers can now enjoy unprecedented flexibility and assurance that their colorful UV ink formula will deliver the brilliant results they expect.
The R & D capability of Universal Printing Press color operates the industry\'s leading R & D laboratory.
The dozens of innovative solutions and technologies used today are beginning to become a challenge for our customers to our experienced lab team.
In many cases, new customers come to us for the first time when they have problems producing their ink products.
After our lab solves the immediate challenges of our customers, customers usually continue to work with us as they find that we adhere to high quality and high standards across all products.
To ensure that the best possible products are available to customers, GPCL simplifies the most stringent quality control procedures for incoming purchases.
Dry the premix to confirm the content of the drying, and then use the flat flow to check if the grinding is appropriate.
The flat panel flush pre-made rods are bleached by strength and checked by spectrometer and standard pre-made rods, then drop down to evaluate masstone, shade, body, transparency, gloss and base color.
Evaluate the recording and storage on the computer and distribute the hard copy to the vice president of the manufacturing and production supervisor.
Conclusion we are called the \"problem solver\" of the industry \".
Whether you need faster set times, better friction resistance, longer body, higher gloss, less blur or other specific features, we can design a suitable product for you
Main products: about 40 different pigments, including: * flush color: hot sleeve, Quickset, non-hot, soy, 100% solid, polyester, 2 piece metal trim, 3 pantone certified fast food and soy.
* Flushing vehicles: fast, heated, soy, non-heated and 100% solids.
* Ink vehicles: Express, heat sleeve, soy, non-heat and 100% solids.
610 Supor Avenue, Harrison, New Jersey, United States of America HOCKMEYER equipment company headquarters 07029hockmeyer.
Com sales @ hockmeyer.
Com establishment: 1940 other facilities: manufacturing, Parts & services, customer testing: NC 27909 Kitty Hawk Lane 6 Tel: 252-338-4705 Fax: 252-338-
6540 Contact: Sales Contact: Tim Mizell company description HOCKMEYER, vice president of sales and marketing technology, is an outstanding supplier of process mixing equipment for more than 60 years.
To meet the needs of manufacturers of paints, adhesives and chemical products, HOCKMEYERas has become a leading supplier of equipment that helps to produce high quality, profitable products.
With our team of sales reps, manufacturing and technical support professionals, our customers can expect reliable solutions for their production needs.
The wide range of products from HOCKMEYER can provide process solutions for the paint, ink, paint, adhesives, ceramics, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.
Technology mission HOCKMEYER offers a range of technologies to produce equal and competitive products. Recent state-of the-
Technologies such as grinding, dispersion, high viscosity mixing, and container washing bring a single source approach to meet the needs of the overall solution.
Data acquisition and process monitoring capabilities provide a technology that can elevate batch consistency to levels that have never been seen in the past.
The HCPS mill of Hockmeyer is uniquely designed to grind viscosity up to 1,000,000 cps.
The HCPS Mill is equipped with a side wall scraper for the contact material and an anchor screw scraper for the more sticky material.
HCPS also installed the augerextending extended from the upper guide tube, enabling the mill to pull the material from above the upper guide tube and send it into the media field for grinding.
Hockmeyer\'s HCPN nano-Mill is the most effective medium mill in the world for liquid nano-grinding solids. Media-
Feature media size. 025mm to . 3mm.
Security wall-(Screen)
Polymer or metal with a pore rate of 43% and 10 micropores.
Amplification accuracy-
Accurate and predictable performance of production scale plants.
The batch size is as small as 200 ml, and as with all the Hockmeyer immersion Mill, the product is kept in onevessel to start to finish without a pump, hose or mechanical seal.
Located in North Carolina, Hockmeyer not only owns our manufacturing plant, but also includes our on-
On-site customer lab
Potential customers as well as long-term customers are welcome to visit our lab or send product samples so that we can determine the best equipment according to your needs.
This allows you to have the highest level of confidence in the equipment you have.
Main products: * HCP series immersion Mill: excellent particle distribution capability, offering higher product standards than most other Mill.
* APCII management and control system: Batch monitoring system for batch consistency.
* Diffuser: mechanical and inverter drive with 2 to 400 hp.
* Mixing system with high viscosity: Horizontal Mixer, double and three axis mixer.
* Press: portable, lifting and platform Press.
The drum mill of HOCKMEYER is specially designed for the drum of 55 gallons.
The device uses a 20 horsepower motor with a variable frequency inverter.
Column mounting and counter balancing allow easy manual lifting of the machine.
Options include a base platform for floor installation or a track system for serving multiple drums.
Stone Chemical Co. , Ltd. 300 N. Patrick Blvd.
, Brookfield, WI 53045 Internet: www. hydrite.
Com/graphicarts establishment: 1929 Other facilities: * Milwaukee Wisconsin (3)
* Oshkosh, WI * Cottage Grove, WI * LaCrosse, WI * Waterloo, IA * Terra Haute, located in IL * Visalia, CA graphic arts resin Sales Contact: Joshua Wolff Joshuawolfe@hydrite.
Technical Contact: Holly Anderson Holly.
Anderson @ Waterstone
Company name: Shuishi Chemical Co. , Ltd. is a privately-
A diversified chemical company operated as a distributor and manufacturer.
Water chemistry Co. , Ltd.
Our business areas include chemical distribution, organic processing, graphic arts, foam control, food hygiene, food ingredients, pulp and paper, processing sulfur, water treatment, waste management and compliance management.
Stone Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Production and sales of Lucidene [TM]
Lotion and Morcryl [TM]
Solutions for the graphic arts industry.
After successfully integrating these products into the product portfolio, the product line of HydriPrint [TM]
Emulsion and [TM]
We have introduced solutions to complement and enhance Waterstone products and respond to changing customer needs.
Product scope Waterstone Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Manufacturing and marketing of Lucidene [TM]andHydriPrint[TM]
Emulsion and [TM]
Solutions for the graphic arts industry.
This broad portfolio can be developed in an array of water
Based on the application of ink and paint.
We also sell suppression foam control products for Graphic Arts, paint and coatings, and adhesives.
Hydrite provides a high level of technical service expertise, a wide range of process and chemical technologies, and strong analytical capabilities to support the industry and new product development.
Our goal is to provide better product solutions for our customers.
Stone Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Provide technical services and synthetic capabilities in a research laboratory located in WI Cottage.
Hydrite also provides a full range of services at our art factory in WI Milwaukee to support Graphic Art customers.
Quality control capabilities and ISO and environmental standards
Our integrated quality, environmental health, safety and security quality management system ensures that we meet the requirements of all our customers and exceed their expectations.
The organic plant of Grove East process is registered by the American insurer laboratory.
ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system standard.
Conclusion Shuishi Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Responsive quality service to multiple industries has a long history.
Our commitment is to continue to sell products that meet the needs of our valued customers in the graphic art market.
Main products: * Graphic Design--The Lucidene[TM]
Lotion and Morcryl (HydriCryl[TM])
Solution resin has a long history, quality and excellent performance in the water-based ink and paint market.
Applications include pigment dispersion, paper, cardboard, Film Ink and high gloss functional overprinting.
Hydrite continues the tradition of using innovative Hydrite print ethylene/acrylic technology to meet the needs of the producers of flexo and intaglio inks.
* Foam Control--
Stone Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Provide a wide range of technologies and services to paint, paint and graphic art markets to help with production and processing.
The chemicals offered include silicone, organic-
Silicone, mineral oil, synthetic and water-based.
Hydrite\'s full range of Defoamer, Defoamer and air release agents are designed to help small market producers and largemulti-
National producers
* Treat organic matter--
Commercial fee handling facilities for custom reaction and synthesis as well as distillation and refining capabilities are provided.
We offer 2,500 to gallon reactors.
We also run four packed distillation columns, from 10,000 gallons of reboiler to gallon reboiler.
We also offer a variety of thin
Film Evaporator with dimensions of 37 square meters. ft. each.
* Distribution--
Stone Chemical Co. , Ltd.
It is the fifth largest chemical distributor in North America.
Products offered to the industrial market include organic and inorganic chemistry, as well as full-charge mixing operations approved for mixed food and industrial products.
In addition to distributing Waterstones, we also provide our customers with waste management and recycling capabilities. Lawter, Inc.
Global headquarters 200 North LaSalle Street, IL 2600 Chicago 60601 Suites 1 312 662 5700 Lawter North American customer service 1 912 366 4322 281 | Fax: 1 205 2082 Web: 4 information. na@lawter.
Customer service 32 3570 9494 | Fax: 32 3570 9490 Web: 4 information. eu@lawter.
Asia Pacific Customer Service 86 21 2329 5221 Web: 4 information. ap@lawter.
Com Lawter South American customer service 54 11 4717 8900 | Fax: 54 11 4717 9040 Web: 4 information. sa@lawter.
Robert Kirk, North American Sales Contact (Robert. kirksey@lawter. com)Gene Cassidy (gene. cassidy@lawter. com)
Sales Contact Europe, Middle East, Africajaap.
Vandenbom @ lawter. com)
Sales Contact Jorge nitzwski, South America (jorge.
Nieszawski @ lawtercom)
Sales Contact Tina Mao in Asia Pacific (tina. mao@lawter. com)
Peter Biesheuvel (Global Technology)peter.
@ Lawter. com)
David Bainbridge, North America (technical contact (david.
Brainbridge @ lawter. com)
Europe, Middle East, Africaanton. dekrom@lawter. com)
Company description]TM]
Is the world\'s leading supplier of high-quality raw materials in the printing ink industry.
We offer special products for ink manufacturers, including wax compounds and additives for resin, olefin, vehicle and varnish, offset printing and liquid ink.
Research and development: [lawyer]TM]
Work closely with all customers to improve results and create value.
Our long history demonstrates the success and innovative solutions we offer for all areas of the graphic art market.
Lawt\'s organization is committed to supporting the success drive of our customers worldwide.
We believe that our global technological depth and footprint make us unique in driving the industries we serve.
Unique productsREZ[TM]
: Provide a platform for phenol-free formaldehyde resin with high biological activity
Support renewable content in the printing industry with green chemistry. * ECO-SET[TM]
: Flake varnish with minimum to zero color prepared with ECO
REZ-based resin completely free of phenol and formaldehyde.
Main product: * ALPHA-REZ[TM]
Functional mixed resin for offset ink * CINERGI [TM]
High performance single paper vehicle * FILTREZ [TM]
Acid modified resin * FLEX-REZ[TM]
Nylon resin * Freon for packaging ink [TM]
4 fluorine dispersion * water and electricity-REZ[TM]water-
Resin system * MIRAGLAZE [TM]
Print varnish as ready-made * OPTILITH [TM]
Printing Ink additive * REACTOL [TM]
Special solvent soluble resin * SETAPRINT [TM]
Gum resin for offset printing ink * spirinol [TM]
[Color] he Lin * Crystalline wax compoundTM], TERLON[TM], TRIONOL[TM]
Intermediates for pigment dispersion and flushing * ultra-fine products [TM]
4 fluorine powder for hyperpolarized *TM]
Single paper ink for wax-based compounds * WEBVAR [TM]
9911 Brecksville Road, Lubrizol, Cleveland, Ohio, 44141 Tel: 800. 380. 5397 www.
@ Lubrizol.
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Lubrizol is a technology company.
Combine complex, special chemicals to optimize the quality, performance and value of customer products while reducing the impact on the environment, a global company.
It produces and delivers technology to customers in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets.
These technologies include lubricant additives for oil, power systems and other means of transport.
Related liquids, industrial lubricants and additives for gasoline and diesel.
In addition, Lubrizol also produces ingredients and additives for home care and personal care products and medicines, as well as special materials, including plastic technology and performance coatings in the form of special resins and additives.
Our products for the oil field market include exploration, production and transportation technologies.
Lubrizol, headquartered in wilcliffe, Ohio, owns and operates production facilities in 17 countries and has sales and technical offices around the world.
Founded in 1928, Lubrizol has about 8,000 employees worldwide.
Revenue for 2014 was $7 billion.
For more information, please visit Lubrizol. com.
Product range Lubrizol offers a comprehensive portfolio of resin and additives, Surface Modifiers and dispersing agents to help enhance the functionality, beauty, efficiency and durability of our valued customer products.
Our industry and technical expertise in dispersion, adhesion, surface protection and flow control enables us to offer unique and innovative solutions to the market.
Technical Mission luborun uses the rich experience and industry knowledge of its scientists to help customers solve problems and create the advantageous products needed to effectively serve customers.
Luborun\'s employees are committed to customer service, quick problem solving, and develop solutions and systems for manufacturers of printing inks, digital inks and packaging coatings.
In terms of R & D, application experience and proof of performance testing, Lubo is an industry leader in capabilities and assets.
Our technical center of excellence in the printing ink, digital ink and packaging coatings industry is located in OH Brecksville.
America, North America;
Ritter Hood Germany; Blackely, UK. ;
Barcelona, Spain;
Songjiang, China;
Asia, SingaporePacific.
These market-specific capabilities are further supported by TheLubrizol\'s global R & D capabilities, which exist to support core development activities designed to meet the needs of global customers.
Unique products 1. Solsperse[R]
Super-dispersing agent Solsperse 88000 is a kind of UV-
Printing ink and offset ink.
It is used to enhance the dispersion of pigments to improve and optimize the color strength and the viscosity of the grinding Foundation.
These products are specially designed for the digital ink market.
The product is available: * improves the stability of the particles, provides consistent narrow tide size distribution * excellent ink viscosity control, allows the formulation of low viscosity UV-cured inkjet inks * improves ink filtration performance. 2. Carbocure[TM]
8000 UV coatings with the next generation of progress, carbon curing [TM]
8000 Surface Modifiers enhance the visual appeal and performance of UV coatings.
This unique technology provides an excellent, uniform bedding and a pleasant touch, while the viscosity usually does not increase with stirring
In flat additives.
A powder that is easy to use, Carbocure [TM]8000 issolvent-
Free and widely compatible with UV curing systems make it an ideal choice for a range of development and production goals. 3. BlisterBond[TM]
Pro water-based thermal seal coating for Carded blian advanced water-based coating, which can be used where low temperature strong seal is required, provides a powerful sealing treatment window for rPET PET and PVCblister films.
Benefits: * strong sealing at low temperatures * helps reduce processing costs * improves block resistance ISO and environmental standards Lubrizol facilities are registered with ISO 14001/9001/9002.
Lubrizol also supports responsible care [R]
Initiatives by the chemical industry to continuously improve health, safety and environmental performance worldwide.
Protecting the health and safety of employees, customers and neighbors has always been part of our corporate philosophy.
Conclusion luborun is committed to helping our customers develop new differentiated products that are needed to compete in today\'s demanding global market, thus making them successful.
Learn from-
Application knowledge-additional technology for housing
How about our staff and state-of-the-art technical facilities, Lubrizol is always ready to support the growing needs of the graphic arts industry.
Main products: wear resistance: * Likou Thai 【TM], Fluotron[TM]and Liquilube[TM]
Pigment dispersion system of water wax additiveR]
Super-dispersing agent * color explosion [TM]
Adhesion/Flow Control of dispersing agents * Carboset [R]
Acrylic car [Acrylic emulsion *R]
Pcomb blister micro-powder Co. , Ltd with hydrophilic hot sealing and strict coating
American Tarrytown, New York white way 580, 10591 Contact Phone :(914)793-4058 Fax: (914)472-
7098 Internet: www. micropowders.
Com establishment: 1971 President: Gary Strauss domestic and Canadian sales: John mcalist, international sales of Mark Corgan: Tom lacoso, technical consulting David giltman
It is a major manufacturer specializing in the production of micro-granular wax, wax dispersion and emulsion for the ink industry.
With a wide range of innovative products, Micro Power is committed to providing customers with consistent quality products, quality services and technical support.
Product s\' Scope Micro Powders specializes in the development of innovative particulate wax technology to meet the needs of formulators.
MPI\'s unique \"stir-
In the \"wax additive based on the combination of synthetic wax, polyethylene, sifluoride and other polymers, the formulator provides the best performance in the surface protection additive.
As a professional supplier in the ink industry, MPI knows that the needs of each of their customers are different.
That\'s why MPI offers innovative solutions to improve product performance.
With the support of the Technical Services lab, experienced technicians are ready and willing to help customers in any way possible.
The global network of authorized agents and distributors can meet the needs of all global technology and customer service Consulting.
QC function MPI uses laser diffraction analysis to carefully control the particle size of particulate wax to ensure that the particle size uniformity is consistent between batches.
R & D capability the formulation and development of innovative products, firm commitment to customer service and advanced quality assurance programs provide the basis for the concept of micropowder.
The technician consists of chemists with many years of experience in the printing ink, paint and paint industry.
This knowledge enables the MPIthe to quickly and accurately identify the requirements of the formula.
This enables the rapid development of any new products necessary to expand the existing integrated product line.
The commitment of ISO and environmental standards to quality and customers is a priority for micropowder.
This is why the quality system of micromotors is recognized globally according to ISO 9001 quality standards.
Conclusion contact MPI for a copy of their new MicroTouch brochure for softtouch coating.
Other brochures include Fligh performance wax additives for printing inks, UV/EB inks and coatings, and their newly updated company 8-
Brochure: Fligh performance wax additive.
This brochure details the company\'s range of special additives that help formulators choose the best products for their applications.
Unique Product: micropowder offers a range of high-performance micropowder wax additives without prior melting or grinding and \"stirring-
In the \"wax emulsion and dispersion.
Some of our key products for water based inks and coatings include: * Aquawax 214--
Hard particulate synthetic wax for lubrication and scratch resistance * AquaPoly 250--
High density polyethylene polymer with excellent mb and March resistance * AquaPolyfluo 411--
Polyethylene/PTFE combination for increased lubrication, gloss retention and heat resistance * AquaPolysilk 19--
Unique particulate wax mixture with wear-resistant and heat-resistant properties offering smooth and lubrication properties * AquaMatte [R]31 & 22--
High density olefin for efficient matting without particle separation or viscosity effects some of our key products for energy curing applications include: * MicroMatte [R]
1213 UVW & PropylMatte 31HD for efficient reduction of gloss * MicroKlear 116, Polyfluo 150 and Synfluo 178XF for surface without particle separation or effects on viscosityBlocking * MPP-
620XF month scratches and March resistant * Polysilk, super slide 904 & Superslip 6515XF silk slide feelwith excellent tape stripping * soft feel of polyurethane from MicroTouch and burnishresistance Munzing 1455 Avenue field, NJ 07003 contact number to create additional value :(800)524-0055, (973)279-1306 Fax: (973)338-
0420 Internet: www. munzing. com Global E-
Email: Message @ munzing
US establishment: 1830 additional facilities: 975 super Avenue Clover, SC 29710 US Tel :(803)222-6533 | Fax: (803)222-
6604 Munzing Chemie Gmbh Salzstrabe Type 174 D74076 hailbloom--
German sales Contact: Greg Orange Technical Contact: Christopher Coenjarts company description Munzing is a highly respected private additive company based in highbloom, Germany.
With offices in more than 40 countries, the company is a technology-driven organization with experienced R & D and technical service personnel in Europe, America and Asia.
Manufacturing plants in Germany and the United States have a wide range of synthetic and recipe capabilities to best serve their global customer base.
Product range Miinzing\'s special additives are recognized worldwide for their performance, quality and technological innovation.
These additives include liquid and powder anti-inflammatory agent, Rhine modifier, Moistening Agent and leveling agent, polymer dispersing agent, air release agent, aid agent, micro-particles and coated wax
When technical problems arise, Munzing\'s customers want them to provide answers with their innovative, customized solutions, if applicable.
Munzing offers their stateof-the-
All companies, regardless of their size, are tested for art and technology services.
Since the company has the widest range of defoaming chemicals, their technical service work provides the best solution for printing ink customers in terms of technical performance and value.
The unique product Munzing\'s product range is constantly updated as much of their R & D and technical services work focuses on providing customized solutions for printing ink customers.
This technological advantage stems not only from their deep understanding of customer applications and related issues, but also from their concentration of highly skilled laboratory resources in identifying and/or developing products that provide the required performance.
In order to further strengthen its global position in the global printing ink market, Munzing has the national R & D capability. of-the-
Art Research and development laboratories in the United States and Europe.
Experienced scientists in these laboratories are constantly developing new additives to create value for the printing ink industry.
In addition, the company has unique proprietary technology through their organization.
Munzing\'s reputation as a leading quality in the printing ink industry is well known.
Continuous analytical testing of incoming, outbound finished and retained re-inspection ensures consistency of maximum lot to lot.
As an ISO 9001 registered company, the testing equipment must be monitored and calibrated on a regular basis.
Retain at least one year, their experienced technicians are away from ISO & environment mental for customers and sales staff. The company\'s commitment to quality and environment has been strengthened by ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001 registration.
Conclusion Munzing is committed to creating value and improving the formulation of customers through its full set of special additives.
Specific product manuals with application matrix and samples can be obtained by visiting our website www. munzing.
Com or send message @ munzing by email. us.
Main products: * CERETAN--
Particulate wax for Flexo InkR]and AGITAN[R]-
Anti-inflammatory products for printing inks, coatings and adhesives * EDAPLAN [R]-
Leveling Agent and universal dispersing agent * Luba-print-
Water Wax dispersion and emulsion for Flexo InkR]-
Moistening Agent and dispersing agent for specific pigment groups * TAFIGEL [R]--
Rheotics for printing ink and paint formulation
07114 at the foot of Newark Pacific Street, New Jersey :(973)242-2999 | Fax: (973)242-
8074 Internet: www.
Shamrock Technologies.
Com was established: 1941 Sales Contact: Joe Joon, Tel :(973)242-
Craig Collins, 2999, tel :(828)863-
4441 Technical Contact: Guan Shi u, Tel :(973)242-2999 ext.
Contact phone number: 1007 Mike Oliveri (973)242-2999 ext.
1005 Alex Radu, tel :(973)286-
4882 European Contact: Shamrock Technologies bvba Erik Colstee, tel: 32 1245 8330 | Fax: 32 1245 8340 Asian Contact: Shamrock Technologies (Tianjin)Inc. --
China mingchong, tel: 60172271287 | Fax: 86-22-
59813099 contact person for Latin America: Manuel morokoma, Tel :(973)242-
2999, new facility Henderson, KY Tongeren, USA, Tianjin, China Company Profile Shamrock Technologies is the world\'s leading recycled PTFE micropowders and the world\'s largest processor (PTFE).
Shamrock is a leading supplier of powder, dispersion, emulsion and compounds.
Shamrock\'s products are widely used in a variety of inks, coatings and other applications.
Product Range * four fluorine particles of various particle sizes and degree of crystal * particulate-based synthetic wax and wax alloy * emulsion, dispersion, and other special additives * technical services of various particle sizes, melting properties and degree of Crystal, to meet the needs of a specific ink system.
Technical expertise
Dedication in the company, in-
Newark\'s field ink application lab, Sanshi chemical engineers, chemists, aggregate scientists and process engineers, and mechanical engineers work together to provide creative solutions to even the most challenging customer needs.
Unique product customization is the key to Shamrock\'s success. In-
Combined with proprietary manufacturing capabilities, Depthapplication expertise provides customers with an \"open formula\" solution.
With a patented electronic accelerator and a range of surface modification technologies, Shamrock can customize the molecular weight, thermal properties, solubility, particle size, hardness, morphology, surface area, humidity, etc of the product.
The R & D capabilities of Shamrock Technologies are driven by market demand.
The company employs many scientists and engineers and is well supplemented
It is equipped with special Application Laboratory and comprehensive general laboratory.
The result is many patented products and patent processes.
QC ability as hands on
In terms of manufacturers, from raw materials to finished products, Shamrock Technologies has comprehensive manufacturing controls.
The company has established a comprehensive quality control and assurance system in continuous repeatable products and predictable performance.
Quality control uses thermal, surface area, and particle size analysis, which is explained using statistical process control.
ISO and environmental standards in our countryof-the-
The art manufacturing plant is certified by ISO 9001: 2008 to ensure the highest quality of products, services and development capabilities.
Conclusion The Sand Rock technology provides unparalleled hands
Expertise in surface chemical solutions.
Main products: 4 fluorine powder * SST 【R]
Series * FluoroSLIP [R](PE/PTFE)
Wax powder * S-Series (PE Powders)
* PP based powder * natural wax powder * quality dispersion of texture additive * water cooler [TM]Series (PE/water)* AquaFLON[R](PTFE/water)* CeraSPERSE[TM](Wax Compound)
* FluoroSPERSE[R](PTFE/oil)
Solution dispersion 2055 enterprise baihute winsburg Oh 44087 Tel :(800)603-6126 Fax: (330)425-
4240 Internet: www.
Solution dispersion.
Com was established: 1991 additional facilities: Sales Contact, KY Atlanta thiana, Kingman AZ, Texas: Paul Waidzunas, PaulW @ chromascape.
Com Technical Contact: Ben Invergo, BenI @ chromascape.
Description of Aquablak [company]R]
Brand products are designed to provide the highest quality water-based carbon black dispersion for a variety of end-use and industry.
The solution dispersion is a member of [ChromaScape]R]
Brand family--
Leading global manufacturers of color powder and special additives.
Wide range of water products
Carbon black dispersion for the manufacture of water-
Basic inks from corrugated and press inks to advanced dents and Flexo
End label and label.
The technical mission is to develop innovative products, technical solutions and technology leaders for each market we serve, and to cooperate with our customers to provide professional solutions, develop products that do not harm the safety of our employees, customers or the environment.
Solution dispersion Aquablak Plus [TM]line arestate-of-the-
Artistic dispersion with ultimate pigment load, offering jet testing and the smoothest ink in today\'s graphic art market.
R & D capability with on-complete laboratory
Field chemists complete raw material evaluation, new market development, new product development and testing, solve recipe problems and improve economy.
Total solid, pH, viscosity (
Brookfield viscosity meter, Zahn and shell stick Cup)
Hegman and NPIRI grinding, dry film conductivity/resistivity, tone strength and print density using Color Computer, specific gravity/weight per gallon, wear and particle size analysis.
We can also run customers.
Perform specific tests on each batch of products and keep samples.
ChromaScape has released ISO and environmental standards
On-site staff led by our environmental, health and safety manager ensure-to-
Date and regulation compliance of all solution dispersion brand products and activities.
Conclusion ChromaScape supports solution dispersion through four manufacturing facilities, technology/product development laboratories, and regulatory and legal support.
This enables us to deliver a comprehensive range of products with a focus on innovation, quality and commitment to deliver real tangible value to you [R].
There is no reason to go somewhere else to look for your black dispersion.
We have your black [TM].
Main products: * AQ6182 industry workshop for corrugated and porous paper inks * high jet and gloss of AQ6069 labels and labels, film and foilinks * AQ6577 for high resistance of microwave ink * AQ6353 for pH * AQ 9149 label and label, film and foil ink stable for Kraft and corrugated raw paper ink
Trust us Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Suite 22, East Greenwich, RI 1050, 02818 Main Street, Tel :(401)398-7301 Fax: (401)398-
7321 Internet: www. trustchemusa.
The company was established in August 1996. other factories: four manufacturing bases in China. Contact: Falko Orlowski, falko @ trustchemusa.
Alan Buck, Alan @ trustchemusa.
Daniel Borun, Daniel @ trustchemusa.
Com European Contact: European TrustV.
, Info @ Renxin. euwww. trustchem.
European Union Asian Contact: Susan. lou@trustchem. cn www. trustchem.
Cn Australia Contact: wwccal @ bigpond global dye.
Trust Chem is a direct supplier of organic pigments in China in the world market.
We are a pigment manufacturer with four production bases.
Trust Chem offers the widest range of organic pigments at low prices with superior quality.
Trust Scope Trust Chem is the only Chinese supplier focused on the ink market, all aspects of plastics, and a key supplier for many international coating companies.
We are recognized as having the best quality ink, plastic and paint production lines.
Trust Chem is the largest supplier of high-performance pigments in China and can be used for a wide variety of end-use purposes.
The technical mission provides new direct sources of high-quality pigments in China, optimizes cost and product performance, and adds value to our customers.
With the R & D capabilities of China\'s largest independent pigment technology laboratory, we have the same laboratory equipment recommended by international customers to replicate customer testing requirements and develop new pigments to meet specific customer requirements
QC capabilities our experienced technicians and professional testing equipment confirm all the results of each batch of pigments tested according to the standard.
As needed, we have completed additional tests that can replicate the customer\'s test methods to further ensure consistent results.
ISO and environmental standards Trust Chem and our four manufacturing sites have all been certified as ISO 900 1.
Conduct regular testing of heavy metals and other harmful pollutants in independent laboratories.
We have made the biggest financial commitment for Chinese pigment suppliers to obtain full EU registration.
So far, we have completed the registration of 29 pigments and purchased 39 other pigments LOA.
Conclusion Trust Chem has had a significant impact on parts of the organic pigment market in a short period of time, and plans to expand market activities in the coming months to provide more new products and new low prices.
We are currently looking for customers with long-term supplier partners who will continue to offer low prices, excellent quality and the services they need.
Trust USA will facilitate direct purchase from China and supply from local stock.
Main products: * Diarylide yellow--
For printing ink * metal salt Azo red--
For printing ink * Napthol Reds--
For all types of inks, coatings and plastics. -
A full range of products of this chemical structure-
For many different applications-
For many different applications-
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