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sound vault soundproof recording studio doors

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-05
There is very little information about soundproof doors on the Internet.
In this article, we will discuss doors with a rating of 55 STC or higher.
Soundproof doors can be used in many applications such as recording studios, high-end home theaters, and private office space and conference room applications.
In general, most soundproof doors are customized according to customer specifications.
The most effective sound insulation door is built in layers with a thickness of 2 inch to 3 inch.
The doors with better sound insulation are equipped with door frames and all mounting hardware, including the surrounding sound insulation seal and the lower beam seal at the bottom of the door.
The pull-down beam is a spring-
The loading mechanism triggered when the door is closed, which drops the spring in turn-
The load is sealed to where it touches the floor and the door is sealed from the bottom.
These parts are part of the tested door assembly.
These doors are built with laminated wood, with multi-storey sound insulation barriers and added viscous damping compounds.
The soundproof door is ready to be dyed or painted to match any decoration.
These doors weigh about 300, so some labor is required for installation.
The Sound insulation American company provides a better Sound insulation door, which is called Sound Vault (TM)
Acoustic doors.
The door is either oak finish and ready to be dyed, along with an optional birch, maple and cherry finish. Sound Vault (TM)
Acoustic doors can be installed or customized to match any decoration.
The application of these doors is endless.
Sound Vault (TM)
The acoustic door is a great studio door and can also be used for sound on the stand.
They are a great addition to the home theater or media room app.
Sound is the problem anywhere, Sound Vault (TM)
The solution is the acoustic door.
For more information about this product and other sound insulation and noise control products, please consult us sound insulation experts.
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