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silicone seal has better mettle in curtain wall; replacement in architectural application improves installation and protection.

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-29
New 5800 E-Brad Wells from design engineer behindEFCO Corporation said: \"You put the glass in and drive the silicone gasket, you have done a lot of workWall curtain-wall system.
Headquartered in inMonett, Missouri, EFCO is a manufacturer of commercial glazing and frame systems including Windows, doors, storefronts, entrances and curtainswall systems.
The company provides both traditional pressure
Glass aluminum curtain-
Wall system, the use of metal pressure plates and covers on the outside, as well as new electronic equipment
The wall system is made of silicone washers, manufactured by Lauren manufacturing in New Philadelphia, OH, on the outside.
Traditional pressure
The glazed curtain wall system has several internal areas that need to be sealed and a pressure plate on the outside that must be screwed in place before installing the face cover to provide the finished look.
Since the new electronics
The wall system does not require internal sealing materials and the assembly time is much faster.
Once the glass is placed, a strap madeto-
The frame around each glass unit is fitted with a silicone gasket.
Design of e-commerce
The wall is one thing, but it is another.
Chuck Laney, director of engineering and quality at Lauren manufacturing, explained, \"The problem is that the tools needed to support any type of design change are huge.
\"Before, EFCO injection molded the corner of the frame.
However, whenever the engineering department modifies the design of the curtain wall corner to meet the building requirements of different frame sizes and angles, this method increases the tool cost.
\"The first attempt of e-commerce
\"The wall,\" said Laney, \"makes a straight cut of the corner with a larger mould.
Very notable.
Lauren changes the gasket design by tilting the end of the frame before splicing.
\"Our products are difficult to make, but they look more sustainable,\" Laney said . \".
\"The theme section looks almost like an accent, not a molded joint.
Once they find that we can produce more complex parts at a more competitive price, they are attracted.
\"Wells commented that in addition to shorter installation times and more aesthetically pleasing appearance, the new gasket provides superior thermal insulation and waterproof/wind resistance compared to the traditional pressure plate system.
Silicone delivers heat to the outside of the building at a much slower rate than aluminum.
Laney pointed out that by providing a smaller temperature gradient, the silicon metal is also better resistant to condensation than the metal, and its condensation resistance coefficient (CRF)
Higher than metal.
\"The condensate is ugly and messy, reducing the life of the window system and even being considered unhealthy,\" he said . \". The E-
Wall washers help seal the water and wind from outside the building.
\"We test 15-
\"The area of the pressure glass system is 1b/square feet,\" Wells said . \". \"TheE-
It\'s easy for Wall to go beyond these systems.
Although silicone generally does not have a high tensile strength, its inherent tensile strength remains the same at very high temperatures.
When properly manufactured, it does not adversely affect the materials touched.
Silicone seals can also suppress vibration, reducing sound levels by 3 dB from the outside compared to metal elements.
EFCO estimates that the use of silicone washers on typical straight walls can save between 25 and 45% of curtain wall installation costs.
They expect more savings on curved wall structures.
Although the gasket does increase the cost of materials for e-commerce
Wall system, price increases are offset by labor savings brought about by washers. The EFCO E-
There are 21 standard EFCOcolors in The Wall silicone gasket system, but the architects, contractors and engineers will specify customization.
\"We were able to provide all their standard colors in a short period of time and produce several new colors,\" Laney said . \".
\"We are testing the dyeing of our products and providing warranty information as best we can to help EFCO sell their systems. \" Circle 124--
Or connect directly to their website via the online reader service program on www. rsleads. com/308df-124 Circle 125--
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