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regular maintenance of hydraulic cylinders

by:DMS Seals     2019-10-25
The reliability of hydraulic cylinders is well known under certain conditions.Obviously, the long-term function of the hydraulic cylinder depends on how it is manufactured.Studies have shown that correctly designed hydraulic cylinders manufactured using the best manufacturing process will work normally for a lifetime without disturbing you.
This is possible only when the hydraulic cylinder is subject to daily inspection and maintenance.\\ RYou will know that the hydraulic system is complicated and the maintenance is complicated.This article is about the common maintenance required for the hydraulic cylinder system.
Bending rods are very rare in the case of a hydraulic cylinder system, as they can only be formed due to design defects.The common cause of bending the rod is that the diameter of the rod is insufficient or the installation arrangement is irregular.Due to the poor quality of the material used to manufacture the hydraulic cylinder system, bending rods may also occur.
\\ If the bending rod is not corrected in time, this may damage the whole system in the long run.Obviously, the rod of the hydraulic cylinder system should be checked regularly for straight.The working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder has a great influence on the expansion of the cylinder pipe.
The balloon tube will result in a sealed brake and a leak of fluid.If this problem is not solved, the efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder will drop to a large level.Therefore, the cylinder tube must be checked regularly to ensure the maximum efficiency of the system.
This is an important maintenance step that needs to be taken to ensure the long life of the seal.Insufficient bearing area will bring a huge load to the piston seal.\\ RThis load will be much higher than the load the seal can afford.
Therefore, in the long run, the seal fails and the sealing system needs to be completely replaced in the end.Checking if there is any abnormality in the bearing area and correcting any abnormality will ensure the long life of the seal.\\ Rrod has special roughness requirements.
If the surface is very rough, it is possible for the fluid to leak.For very smooth surface rods, the life of the seals will be reduced.\\ RYou must regularly check the surface finish of the bar and make sure it meets the set standards.
Inspection and maintenance of all these components will ensure the long life and maximum efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder
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