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product protection with progressing cavity pumps.

by:DMS Seals     2019-10-15
There are many kinds of raw materials and processing materials in the food industry, which is a test site for various process equipment.
Require different consistency products to move from water liquid to dough
Just like solids, the pump may perform more rigorous testing than most other types of equipment while maintaining its quality.
Into the cavity (pc)
Pumps are ideal for food applications
They are not dependent on centrifugal action in operation, and there are also obvious changes in fluid velocity.
Stirring and turbulence are kept to a minimum, so they provide excellent smoothing-
Processing flow properties of shear
Sensitive material.
This also helps to improve the performance of the viscous material, as the pump can operate effectively at low rpm.
The sanitary range of a single pump is the purpose-
Designed for the food industry, which is not
The pollution and preservation of the physical quality of the product is essential.
Cut will be processed in the \"S\" range
Sensitive, wear-resistant and viscous materials, suspended solids, mud and fine materials.
The special functions of these pumps include streamlined design, engineering design, to retain the product to the maximum extent, to prevent the production of solids and bacteria
Minimize the risk of pollution.
This also helps CIP facilities to improve the effectiveness of the cleaning cycle.
The end cap of the pump is self-drained to ensure that the product and clean fluid are not kept in the pump.
Single and double mechanical seals-
One of the most common bacterial gathering areas
Located below the suction inlet to ensure effective and thorough cleaning.
Other sanitation facilities include food
Approved coating and surface finish, the internal stainless steel contact surface is polished to a 240 sand finish.
Clever solutions an important part of the \"s\" series design of the single pump series and other pumps is the company\'s \"flexshaft\", a clever solution to complex engineering problems.
The Flexishaft design is a rigid connection that greatly reduces the number of components in the traditional connection design.
There are no moving parts and there is no need for lubrication, so there is no risk that the product will be contaminated with lubricants.
It is not necessary to replace worn parts such as gears and fragile dynamic seals, as there are no worn parts.
The reduction in the number of moving parts also simplifies routine maintenance and maintenance.
The technical advantages of Flexshaft design have been proven in difficult applications in many industries, including food.
The Manor Bakery in Manchester effectively used the \"s\" series, where the production team investigated the feasibility of automatically transferring jam to the pipes and related equipment of the new pie filling machineenabling cost-
Valid bulk delivery of jam to be accepted.
The selection design of the new system includes 60-meter pipeline engineering with 8 elbows and accessories and 5 meta static heads.
The sample of the jam was forwarded to the single pump laboratory where the viscosity at different shear rates was measured
Therefore, the system pressure back and optimal pump size are calculated.
It is found that SS032 sanitary pump is the ideal pump on duty. The new cost-
A savings system was implemented at the Manor Bakery with pumps with mechanical seals and variable speed drives.
For easy cleaning, the pump is mounted on the stainless steel bottom plate.
One of the key advantages of single pump design is its adaptability.
The core of the design is a single-start rotor with a constant circular Crosssection.
This rotates in a stator molded in the form of a sleeve, which contains an internal double helix with a constant cross-section throughout the length.
This adaptive single pump is used for good results, using a modular approach as much as possible
Use a minimum number of components to create the widest range of models that can meet the most demanding pumping requirements.
This brings many benefits to the carrying spare parts and the number of different types of pumps required.
The effective manual wide throat series is designed for the effective handling of highly viscous materials, including non-viscous materials
Flow paste and product with viscosity up to 1,000,000 cP.
It is ideal for many applications in the food processing industry.
Based on two and four pumps, the series can be developed with a pressure of up to 24 bar and a handling capacity of up to 50 | m. sup. 3~.
They have all kinds of materials to handle all kinds of products.
Widethroat can be used either as a tightly coupled pump or as an optical axis pump, and it can choose the overall Bridge breaker and varyinghoper size to suit a wide range of applications.
When a complete bridge breaker is installed, the pump will handle products with a dry solid content of nearly 40%.
The design of Widethroat is simple and easy to maintain, including functions such as plugs
Facilities in the shaft.
The shaft seal can be a sealed gland or a mechanical seal.
Many components can be exchanged with the industrial \"e\" and the overall B series of single pumps.
High solids are used in Haldan food soya-bean milk production facilities in Bradbury, Cheshire, along with other products from the mono pump \"merlin\" series to move materials with high solid content efficiently.
The quality and taste of the finished product depends on the full processing of the best quality soybeans to maintain their nutritional value, which is achieved by maintaining precise control at all stages of the manufacturing process.
As part of the manufacturing process, after carefully deactivating the enzyme, grind the beans with hot water to form a consistent thick paste.
The Merlin quasi-shaft is used to pump it to the separator; thesmooth-
The flow characteristic of pc pump is used here to improve-
Provide a constant feeding speed for the horizontal screw centrifuge to avoid surge to ensure smooth and uniform consistency of the paste.
After separation, the extracted liquid performs vacuum odor removal and homogenization before processing and packaging.
Removal of fiber residues from plants was previously an artificial process that was slow and laborious --intensive.
The installation of AMono Widethroat to pump these sewage pumps into the container through the a3 \"pipe, which proved to be a good solution, providing the added benefit of a quick return period.
Product Integrity installed in Haldane pump handling capacity up to 90 | °c-constant working temperature
Ensuring the integrity and quality of the product is a special requirement.
The Pc pump was installed as part of the main process equipment to modernize and upgrade the project --
This was done in six months.
Haldane Foods can now produce soya-bean milk at a rate of 3,000 liters per hour.
In addition to the direct pumping of the product, the pc pump provides a range of precision and low flow capacity, ideal for measurement control
Administration is a good example.
A series of compact low flow dosing pumps for single pumps are designed to provide higher accuracy and reliability for a range of food and general industrial applications.
The PC pump moves smoothly and the output is proportional to the speed, so the LF range is ideal for accurate quantification.
They are also designed for effective treatment of acid and alkali (
Including alkali
It is a new type of organic material, such as additives, pigments, etc.
The versatile 316 stainless steel wet parts in polyethylene or stainless steel housing provide a high tolerance to aggressive substances for the LF series.
The application and versatility of various stator materials are further expanded.
In this highly competitive industrial environment, performance and reliability determine everything.
The technology of Pc pumps is newly introduced by nomeans, but they offer unparalleled proven performance
Its benefits are being realized in more and more applications across the industry.
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