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plugging an outbreak of leaks

by:DMS Seals     2020-08-06
The mechanical diseases covered in the latest technical service announcement include nians with coolant drops and trembling at medium speeds.
Announcement compiled by all datapro.
Com, provides automotive manufacturers with insights into some of the recurring problems of various models.
Announcement called T. S. B.
Not a recall;
They are information provided by manufacturers to dealer service and mechanics.
Unless otherwise stated, the automaker will not provide payment assistance for these repairs beyond the normal warranty. Alldata.
Com sells more comprehensive announcement versions to consumers.
Here are some of the recent examples: ACURA\'s front brakes of about 2013 MDX models may scream when tapped. In T. S. B. 13-
Ac song announced on April 13 that the noise was caused by glazed brake pads.
Replacing the pads and installing a new pad reset spring should result in a quieter stop.
Coolant leaks in some models may mean that new pumps are in place. In T. S. B.
Audi April 15 release 191336 said owner 2009-
Models A4, A5, Q5 and A6 may notice a hose leak connecting the pump and heater core.
Water dripping should be stopped by replacing pumps, hoses and sealing rings.
In addition, the owners of several Audi models may notice the water accumulation in the xenon head lamp assembly. In T. S. B.
941314 released on April 5, Audi said that the connection between the headlight adjustment screw or the housing and the lens may allow water to enter.
This issue affects about 2013 A4, S4, A5, S5 and RS5 models.
Replacing the headlight assembly will prevent further crowding.
Ford so-and-so 2011-13 E-
Large trucks may use excessive oil. In T. S. B. 13-6-
In a report released in June 13, Ford said that in 3,000 miles, some vehicles with five cars found more than one quart of consumption. 4-or 6. 8-liter V-8s.
Remove the engine-
Yes, this is Ford\'s order.
Oil should be stopped when replacing valve seals.
General Motors warranty on several G pump shaft sealsM.
Crossing is being extended. In T. S. B.
13091 released in May 20M.
Although the company says most of the failures may be caused by too low coolant levels, the seal may fail and cause a coolant leak.
Warranty extended from five years or 120,000 miles to 10 years or 100,000 miles in 2007
Aca Acadia and Saturn Outlook, 2008-
10 Buick Enclave and 2009-
Chevrolet crossing.
If the leak happens, there should be a new pump.
Some civic models of Honda may be eligible for an extended warranty related to uneven rear tire wear. In T. S. B. 13-
047 released on June 14, Honda said that the tire wear was uneven on 2006-
7 citizens and 2006-
The Civic hybrid may be caused by incorrect geometry of the rear suspension.
Repairs include new upper control weapons.
Mazda\'s noisy front suspension Pillar may be bothering some CX-5 crossovers. In T. S. B.
0200513 released on May 24, Mazda said the knock or squeak on 2013-
The 14 models are caused by damage to the pillar bearing.
A new bearing will resume silence.
In the service event, MINI has started replacing various models of coolant pumps produced in the summer of 2012. In T. S. B.
M110113, released on April 1, Mini said that customers may notice a leak in the pump, which is caused by cracks in the plastic shell.
The campaign affected vehicles built from June to August 2012, including hard tops, clubs, convertible cars, Coupe cars, sports cars and country people.
Nissan\'s shaking at a moderate pace may indicate problems with some Altimas and Pathfinder. In T. S. B. 13-
064A released on June 13, Nissan said that the 2013 V-
6 The engine may be a sign that the torque converter is defective and needs to be replaced.
The announcement is limited to shaking at 18 to 35 metres. p. h.
There is a slight pressure on the accelerator.
Toyota complained from the rear differential between 50 and 60 m. p. h.
Some owners of Tacoma pickup may hear. In T. S. B.
Toyota\'s 005713 released on April 26 said it could make noise on 2005.
13 with 5-
No limited speed automatic transmission
Slide or lock the rear differential.
Replacing the differential is a cure.
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