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Piston T-Shaped Glyd Ring DPT Heavy-Duty Two-Way Piston Seal

Piston T-Shaped Glyd Ring DPT Heavy-Duty Two-Way Piston Seal

Diameter Range
3 - 1600mm
Pressure Range
0 - 60MPa
Temperature Range
-45℃ +200℃
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1. Performance and use

It is suitable for two-way sealing of reciprocating pistons, especially for quick-response cylinders in control cylinders, servo cylinders, machine tools and construction machinery.

Small coefficient of friction, wear resistance, long life. It can work with or without lubrication, and can be used for oil-free lubrication cylinder seals.

The adaptability of the working medium and the working temperature range can be changed by changing the material of the O-ring.

It can be used in special working conditions such as extremely high speed, extremely low speed, and micro stroke.

Adapt to the one-piece piston, the installation groove is small, which is beneficial to the design of the cylinder size.

Comply with GB/T 15242.1-94 and GB/T 15242.3-94 standards.

It has good extrusion resistance and can adapt to larger installation gaps.

Products with different cross-sections can be selected according to the actual working pressure. In principle, the greater the working pressure, the larger the cross-section should be selected.

The seal is especially suitable for frequent and rapid reversing oil cylinders.

2. Materials

Sealing ring: Filled with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). According to different working conditions and sealing requirements, different filling materials and filling processes can be selected, please contact us for details.

O-ring: nitrile rubber NBR, fluororubber FKM. The material of the O-ring is determined according to the temperature and working medium of the working condition, if you are not sure, please contact us. If you need to match fluorine rubber (FKM) O-ring, you need to explain before ordering.

3. Matters needing attention:

Ⅰ. Under normal circumstances, this seal has a certain amount of static leakage. If there are strict requirements on maintaining the static position, it is recommended to use it with caution.

Ⅱ. If other parameters of the matched O-ring are qualified, the diameter of the ring is 1-2% different from the value listed in the sample, which will not affect the use.

Ⅲ. When installing, be careful not to twist the O-ring.

Ⅳ. Before installation, use tooling or hot oil to expand the slip ring, and return it to its original shape after installation.

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