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oil seals

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-04
There are many different types in terms of oil seals.
According to the way they are constructed, U-
Ring oil seals and Block v-rings can be used as Rod seals, piston seals and even symmetrical seals. U-
The ring and Block v-ring are called single action seals, also known as one way seals, and must be installed back to back in double action cylinder applications.
The Block Vee seal is more compact than the U-ring and performs better under high pressure conditions.
The V-shaped sealing ring is made of all rubber and is mainly used to remove dirt and other types of contaminants.
The V ring is stretched on the shaft and sealed on the side of the housing or other types of machine parts.
There are several different forms of gap seals, also known as Labyrinth seals.
One feature they share with each other is that they all work on the principle of active clean-up.
This means that there is no friction on the shaft or the housing.
Many maze seals are made up of a rotating rotor and a static stator with a radial gap between the two.
The clearance must be greater than the radial clearance of the bearing being sealed.
In addition, the operating speed and temperature must be considered when using a maze seal.
This seal usually does not perform well at a lower working speed.
Another type of Labyrinth seal is a laminar sealing ring, which makes a labyrinth seal using a series of flat metal rings of different diameters (similar to washers.
The bearing isolator is a dynamic seal designed to protect the bearing from external elements.
They are also made up of rotor, rotating and stator or static components.
Some bearing isolator are made of a maze, while others are made of O-rings or other types of positive seals.
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