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my shower-lining panels are not waterproof

by:DMS Seals     2020-07-01
We recently installed a shower wall shower in our suite --
We specify the lining panel on the basis of the company\'s sales manual.
A few weeks after installing the shower wall, we noticed swelling on the bottom edge of the panel.
I complained and the representative of the manufacturer came to investigate it.
His report basically says that sealing the shower wall with silicone sealant is not good enough.
We have read the use of \"waterproof paneling\", \"non-
Shower wall with a 15-
Annual guarantee for waterproofing like the paneling itself \".
I don\'t think we would have chosen this product without these words and phrases.
For laymen like me, it seems absurd to have such an integral part of the bathroom structure that relies entirely on silicone sealant.
I believe their marketing is misleading.
I called the company to state how I felt and they drew my attention to the \"waterproof paneling system \"(
This happened only twice in the brochure)
, Which means I should infer from this that the panel itself is not waterproof.
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Medium density cardboard
Sheet with laminated surface.
The sales material does describe it as \"waterproof panel system with moisture\"
Medium fiber core and high
Designed for pressure laminated backing that provides a smooth, waterproof finish \".
The mid-fiber board is a very useful board material, but it expands when in contact with water-though --
Called waterresistant” MDF.
I have to admit that there will be no slim boards near my bathroom, not to mention the adventure of building a shower in it.
However, the manufacturer told me that they have been selling shower walls for more than 10 years and have successfully installed thousands of units.
The main issues between you and the manufacturer focus on sealing the cutting edge of the medium fiber board using silicone sealant.
The shower wall manufacturer said in their brochure that each panel \"needs about a box of shower wall sealant \".
They say your installation includes three panels, but only two sealed boxes are listed on your sales invoice.
You said that your experienced bathroom installer believed that he used enough sealant, as well as the two cartridges shown on the invoice, and that he used the third box of the same silicone sealant made by another manufacturer.
You also said that the inspector at Showerwall was unable to double check the shower facilities and that he could hardly get on his knees because of a football injury.
You believe his conclusion is that the panel expands just because the silicone sealant is not enough.
I admit I\'m confused about the case.
As I said earlier, I don\'t think the slim board is the right material for the shower.
Without removing the shower, the sealing cutting edges of the plates cannot be checked because they are completely embedded in the sealing material inside the edge decoration.
The shower wall note also states that the sealing material \"needs to be replaced from time to time-if this is not done, it may result in water entry and subsequent panel damage \".
I don\'t know how you should replace the sealant without completely removing and rebuilding the shower.
So in my opinion, there\'s always a simple get-
15-out terms it promised
The annual guarantee, claiming that the shower wall panels were not installed or removed and modified in accordance with its guidelines, does not seem likely to prove or refute this claim in one way or another.
The latest news is that the manufacturer has contacted you to arrange further inspection since I was involved, but you have rejected this offer and insisted that the product is not \"waterproof \", as claimed in the marketing materials, the company should compensate for the cost of your bathroom refitting.
You are reporting to the Advertising Standards Bureau.
As we wait for the results, I recommend that the reader be very careful about using any mid-fiber board product in the bathroom or in other wet rooms.
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