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My Craftsman 3.3 Chainsaw Won\'t Idle

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-18
The Sears 3.3 is basically the same model as the Poulan 3300 chain saw;Poulan has made many artisan products.When any of these chainsaws do not idle properly, a simple adjustment to the carburetor can usually solve the problem without the danger of damaging the saw.However, it is important to ensure that air passages are unblocked before such adjustments are made;If there is not enough air, fuel deposits will pollute the combustion chamber and the engine will continue to stall.The two most likely ways to cure engines that do not have the correct idle speed is to clean the air filter and adjust the idle screw of the carburetor, first clean the air filter, because if it is dirty, idle adjustment will not be correct.The filter is mounted behind the cover of the housing above the handle.The manufacturer recommends cleaning it after 10 inflationUps or five service hours, replace once damaged.To clean it, pull it out of the compartment and blow away the dirt with compressed air.You can also wash it with soap and water.Craftsman 3.3 Chain saw carburetor is equipped with three adjustment screws, although Sears recommends that you repair these screws by authorized professionals, you can safely adjust the idle speed and low idle speedScrew your own speed.They are located on the side of the engine housing, right behind the air filter.The idle screw is the top screw, low in two lower screwsThe speed screw on the right.Only pro should be raised-The speed screw on the left side will damage the engine because of an error in setting.After cleaning the air filter and spark lightning arrester screen behind the silencer, you can adjust the carburetor.Start the saw, let it warm up for three or four minutes, and then set it on the horizontal plane.Turn the idle screw clockwise until the chain starts to turn and then back to the point where the chain stops.Fine-Idle turn down-speed screw.Turn clockwise until the engine is turned off, write down the position, then turn counter-clockwise until the engine race and write down the position.The correct setting is between these two points.Craftsman 3.3 chainsaw is an old model and there may be a lot of service time for your chainsaw.With the aging of the engine, the piston seals wear and the cylinder loses compression, which makes it difficult to adjust the idle speed.The remedy is to rebuild the engine and replace the seal.Without the engine mold, you can\'t get the chain to stop spinning, and the problem may be that the clutch shoe is not retracted.This is a potentially dangerous situation that can be corrected by repairing the clutch.
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