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mechanical seals: design problems and maintenance

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-10
List of design problems that may occur when using mechanical seals, you want to maintain their practicality and good performance in order to achieve good results.
One way to ensure that the mechanical seal remains in good condition is to check the design issue.
Even a small defect in the sealing equipment can bring high cost to production and operation.
Here is a quick guide on mechanical seal design and maintenance issues.
Problems with mechanical sealing surfaces the wrong choice of hard surfaces or carbon seals can have a negative impact.
This material may not be compatible with the chemicals or liquids you are trying to seal.
The solvent, detergent, or flushing system may also not work.
If the cross part of the surface is too narrow, the seal will encounter pressure or temperature distortion problems.
To prevent this distortion, the clamping force should be \"equal but opposite \".
Compared to seals made of other materials, such as hard surface seals, carbon is a relatively poor thermal conductor.
Many other ceramic products are weak thermal conductors.
If you are going to use carbon, the material should be tight enough to prevent the airbag from expanding and forming pits on the carbon surface.
Also, the best option is the carbon that is not filled, it has four macters.
The springs found in the liquid and BellowsSprings are easily blocked, especially when small springs are used.
Stainless steel bellows and Springs also have chlorine stress corrosion problems.
The small cross section of the spring and thin bellow plate is very sensitive to wear and wear, and when winding a single spring, you should also be careful because wrapping it in the wrong direction can cause damage.
In addition, be careful with the rubber bellows, because when the bellows is broken, there will certainly be a catastrophic failure.
Metal bellows and springs are more susceptible to high stress, and stress metals experience faster corrosion and fatigue.
It is not surprising that extreme temperatures will accelerate damage to industrial equipment.
Despite the continuous development of industrial materials to resist the harsh temperature range, elastic materials and several other sealing surfaces can easily be damaged due to overheating.
Too much pressure will also cause the sealing surface and the shell to be squeezed onto the elastic body.
Although the mechanical seal is easily exposed to high speed due to the rotating seal design, a large amount of heat can cause the sealing surface to overheat.
Many movements also cause the shaft to break.
Other problems, most sealing surfaces tend to be weak in terms of tension.
To maintain the effectiveness of the seals, they should be packed very safely, as it can be very difficult to store and ship on these devices.
If the application requires high speed and a lot of movement, consider using a mechanical seal with a fixed design.
No matter how strong the material used to make the sealing equipment is, the mechanical seal will definitely deteriorate at some point.
However, what can you do to delay their deterioration.
With this guide you will be able to handle them better against the weaknesses of mechanical seals.
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