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Low friction and dustproof VA water seal

Low friction and dustproof VA water seal

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Hydraulic oils ( mineral oil-based )
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The V-shaped water seal is fixed on the shaft by its own elastic tension, and the turbulent sealing lip maintains contact with the surface of the shaft seat with a small contact force.

The flexible sealing lip can compensate the eccentricity of the shaft, the difference between the cavity and the shaft and the machining error of the shaft. The sealing lip can prevent the internal grease or oil from leaking out,

At the same time, prevent the intrusion of external dust and dirt. Because the V-shaped water seal rotates with the shaft, its body acts like a slip ring due to centrifugal force, preventing dirt from invading the working medium.

Different from other oil seals, the V-shaped water seal relies on its elastic sealing lip to form a radial seal. The sealing lip has good mobility and adaptability,

Therefore, compared with other seals, smaller tolerances are required, simple design, and at the same time to compensate for the eccentricity of the rotating shaft.

  • Advantage:          1.No installation and processing requirements

                               2.The shaft surface does not have to be hardened

                               3.Simple installation and removal

                               4.The surface contact pressure is small, so the friction force is small, the friction loss and friction heating are small, and the service life is long 

                               5.Both sealing and dustproof function

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