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lip seal extrusion

by:DMS Seals     2020-07-03
We are the manufacturer and manufacturer of lip seals, edge decorative seals, decorative seals and more extruded silicone rubber seals, washers and belts.
We are able to manufacture silicone rubber seals of various colors and designs.
Our lip seals are very durable and made of high quality silicone material.
Our custom manufacturing capabilities help us to make many different lip sealing profiles for different purposes.
We are the manufacturer of many different types of silicone extrusion products that expand our portfolio.
The ability to manufacture over 10,000 extruded profiles makes us unique in our industry.
Custom tools and design capabilities enable us to manufacture any given silicone rubber extrusion design.
Our qualified engineers can discuss your design and manufacturing requirements.
We guarantee high quality products with excellent dimensional accuracy.
Our improved supply chain delivers your products on time every time.
When ordering lip seals, please ensure that you provide us with your design in accordance with your manufacturing requirements, quantity and materials in order to quote you.
We assure you competitive market price and excellent customer support.
Most of our silicone products are able to withstand extreme weather and temperatures.
But if you want them to have special abilities like chemical stability and purity, please let us know and we will be more than happy to provide it for you.
Food grade and surgical lip print may also be provided upon request.
Let us know your app and we will help you select the best suitable materials and designs for your app.
For any inquiries about the product or your unique manufacturing offer, just call (734)453-
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