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hydraulic cylinder repair guide and tips

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-14
In this modern world, with the development of all the latest technology in the field of machinery, the use of hydraulic cylinders plays an important role in a wide range of applications.
This system is a simple arrangement of pistons and cylinders that can lift heavy objects.
Most auto parts or heavy machinery work according to the hydraulic principle.
Other institutions such as bulldozers, elevators, excavators and forklifts also use hydraulic cylinders.
These systems have different sizes, for example, when installed on a car, they have small sizes, whereas, in heavier applications such as garbage bins trucks or heavy bulldozers, they are available in larger sizes for smoother handling and easy lifting.
Nevertheless, all cylinders have common components, maintenance and maintenance procedures.
Before we proceed with the hydraulic cylinder repair procedure, let\'s find out the general cause of the cylinder failure.
The reason for the failure of the hydraulic cylinder system the bent piston rod will cause trouble to the hydraulic system.
Due to long-term continuous use, cracks may occur in the system.
In addition, the seal of the hydraulic cylinder may break or break due to continuous wear.
It is possible to damage the piston ring.
Whenever you are addicted to some cylinder repair work, please prepare your repair kit for use.
Usually, the kit is lubricated with O-
A new cylinder rod.
How to repair hydraulic cylinder step 1Dis-
Assembly: remove the cylinder from the machine.
Open the cylinder head using bolts or screws and remove the piston from the cylinder.
Now release the input valve to reduce the pressure and slide the piston shaft outward to make it completely separate.
Step 2 check: This is the key stage of hydraulic cylinder reconstruction, where you have to do a visual check to find out the main problem.
If the cylinder hole is scratched or the piston shaft is bent, the system requires a qualified hydraulic repair shop.
If the shaft or Bolt is in good condition, the seal is likely to break, causing an excessive leakage of hydraulic fluid. Step 3Re-
Packing seal: Use the repackaging instructions of the seal kit and cylinder, carefully remove the old seal from its position and secure the press seal in the position of the old seal.
In the final stage of repair, grease the seal and gently slide the piston back into the cylinder system.
In addition, make sure the input valve is relaxed so that the piston slides in smoothly.
Finally, before connecting the cylinder to the equipment again, make sure to check the leakage and condition of the hydraulic hose.
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