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How to Troubleshoot a Marine Electric Toilet

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-03
When you find that you have to troubleshoot the electric marine toilets on board, your efforts focus on three aspects ---Water supply, pumps and shredders, a grinding machine that reduces sewage to small pieces before moving sewage to a Marine sanitary device, equivalent to a Marine sanitary device for septic tanks.Because the marine toilet is a modular unit, the solution to the problem disclosed in the trouble shooting work is usually solved by removing some bolts and replacing parts.Move your boat to the sewage treatment station.
Connect the sewage discharge hose to the deck discharge port of the Marine sanitary equipment on board.Open the padlock on the sewage valve and open the valve.Open the sewage discharge pump and pump out the marine sanitation device.
Press the flush button to flush the toilet.If there is no water flow, check the water level of the water tank visually to ensure that the water tank of the ship has enough water to supply the toilet.If the water supply is sufficient and the water does not flow,You should doubt if there is a problem with the pump.
Press the rinse button again and place your hand on the lid of the pump.Feel the vibration of the pump motor to ensure the operation of the pump.If the pump does not work when you press the flush button, remove the pump mounting bolts using an adjustable wrench.
Place a new pump motor on the pump head and replace the pump mounting bolts.Check the floor under the pump.If the clear water is standing under the pump and the damaged seal, it is almost certain that the impeller damage in the pump is a possible cause of the decrease of the pump water pressure.Remove the bolt holding the pump motor using an adjustable wrench.
Apply the gasket seal on the new pump seal.Replace the seals around the impeller and impeller.Return the pump to its position and reinstall the pump motor mounting bolts to tighten it tightly.
To marine sanitation--The water tank of the toilet, located below-deck --And use a screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp that connects the sewage hose and marine sanitary equipment.Place a 5-The gallon barrel under the sewage pipe.Go back to the toilet, rub a few toilet paper, put it in the toilet and flush the toilet.
Return 5-A gallon barrel, check the toilet paper;It should be ground into small pieces not more than 1 square inch.If not, loosen the bolt that holds the toilet unit to the powder crusher that grinds the garbage with an adjustable wrench.Removed the toilet.Loosen the bolt that holds the powder crusher to the floor.
Remove the shredder and the old wax seal.
Place a new wax seal on the pipeCauses the stub of the sewage hose.Place a row outlet of a new shredder on the wax seal.Replace the toilet on top of the new machine.
Tighten the bolts that connect the toilet and the shredder.Go down to marine sanitation.Reconnect the sewage hose to Marine sanitary equipment
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