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how to seal a shower drain | ehow

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-20
Not all shower drains are constructed the same.Some are shower pots made of ceramic tiles;Some are built with screws;Some others were snapped up.Most need some kind of sealing material.Standing in the shower.Remove any screws that fix the shower filter using a screwdriver.
Don\'t drop those screws on the drain.
Use a set of pliers or channel locks to unlock the body of the filter.Turn it backLoosen and remove clockwise.Move the main body of the drain with your finger so you can detect the leakage of the rubber gasket.Pull out the rubber gasket to see if it\'s wet.
Check if the cardboard liner is rotten.
Clean up any dirt you find at the bottom of the shower pan and at the edge of the drain body, so you can replace the rubber gasket.Use brass to remove the old putty from the thread of the filter bodywired brush.Put an old rag in the drain and grab any putty that might be loose.
Slide New cardboard or friction washers and rubber washers into the drain body and the bottom of the shower pan.The cardboard gasket should be set under the rubber gasket.Apply a layer to the shower filter with the putty of the plumber and screw it back to the shower drain.
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