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how to replace the door seal on a wood stove

by:DMS Seals     2020-07-04
If you have a working wood stove in your home, sooner or later you need to replace the gasket around the inside of the furnace door.
It is made of fire-proof fiberglass material that ensures comfort when the door is closed.
There\'s a proper-
The sized washer will help the stove burn more efficiently and keep the glass cleaner.
Check the owner\'s manual for the size and type of replacement washers needed for the stove.
Otherwise, the width of the old gasket is measured and accurate.
Next, measure the width of the channel and be precise.
Compare two measurements.
Please note whether the channel will accept the correct diameter in the form of a rope, or whether the channel is flat, which requires a comparable flat gasket.
Measure the length of the old rope or flat gasket to know how much you need to buy.
Buy a washer kit that includes a fiberglass washer long enough to fit your stove and the correct diameter.
There should also be a tube of adhesive in the kit for the channel to secure the gasket in place.
A local woodstove store or hardware store may carry a kit or its components.
Cool the stove for at least one day to make sure there is no hot ash or residual fire.
Remove the ashes from the wood stove.
Remove the furnace door by releasing the hinge pin.
It is easier to replace the gasket if the door is away from the stove.
Place the door on a flat working surface and pry open the old adhesive from inside the gasket channel.
A sharp flat head screwdriver can be scraped or a hammer and chisel or electric drill may be required to thoroughly clean the passage.
Blow any adhesive dust out of the channel to provide a clean and dry surface for the new adhesive.
Be careful not to break any glass on the door during this process.
Use disposable rubber gloves and carefully turn black very tar
Just like the adhesive around the length of the channel.
Be careful not to mess up everything, only the channel.
Measure and cut the replacement fiberglass gasket to fit your door size.
From the top right corner of the door, place the gasket into the channel and push it completely neatly into it.
Continue to place the gasket around the door until the entire length of the gasket is used.
Allow 24 hours on-site treatment before reinstalling
Connect it and burn the wood stove.
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