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How to Replace Mechanical Seals in Centrifugal Pumps

by:DMS Seals     2020-06-06
The centrifugal pump uses the principle of the centrifugal pump to move the water through the pipe system and the hose.The centrifugal pump rotates one shaft at a high speed, which rotates one impeller to create a vacuum by pulling the centrifugal force of the water.A precision motor located on the motor shaft that rotates behind the impeller to prevent water from entering the pump.
Replacing these mechanical seals involves opening the pump system, removing the impeller from the shaft of the pump, and sliding the old seal from the shaft.Close the centrifugal pump.Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the pump.Cut the pipe connected to the centrifugal pump with a PVC saw.
Put the centrifugal pump down in the spacious work area.Screw the pump bolts around the pump shell with a wrench.Disconnect the motor of the centrifugal pump from the wet end.
Place the wrench on the motor shaft and hold it still.Rotate the impeller of the centrifugal pump counter-clockwise from the shaft.Remove the seal from the back of the impeller.
Slide the remaining seals from the shaft.
Place a new mechanical seal on the shaft.
Slide the mechanical seal along the shaft, but be careful not to touch the front of the seal with your fingers.If there is body oil on the surface of the seal, the seal will be damaged and may not work properly.Keep the shaft stationary with a wrench and screw the impeller onto the motor shaft of the centrifugal pump.
Align the bolt holes on the motor and the pump wet end, insert the bolts, and fix the pump end together with a wrench.Put the centrifugal pump system back into the pipe.Fix the centrifugal pump on the pipe with PVC glue and primer.
Allow glue and primer to dry for at least one day before running the pump
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